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Jensen, Erik Asbjørn Mikkelsen Eksotiske kernehenfald tæt på kanten af proton-stabilitet
Jensen, Simon Vendelbo Bylling Laser-drevne elektroner i bevægelse – en undersøgelse af deres ultrahurtige natur
Lund, Mads Middelhede Vekselvirkninger med Kvantepulser af Lys
Nielsen, Robin Vinther Presset atmosfærisk viden – en ny tilgang til absolutte mætningsdamptryksmålinger
Poulsen, Kasper Kontrol af varme i kvantemekanikkens verden
Rasmussen, Anne Pilgaard Absorption og dynamik af molekylære ioner i lagerringe
Vibel, Toke Fremskridt i forståelsen af atomtalsfluktuationer i Bose-Einstein kondensater
Andersen, Anton Lauenborg Single atom quantum probes
Asmussen, Jakob Dall One, two, many – Photoionization of large atomic clusters called helium nanodroplets
Christensen, Esben Rohan Ions immersed in ultracold gases and interactions between photons – towards quantum simulation and novel phases of light and matter
Christensen, Kasper Sangild Designing superconducting circuits for quantum computation
Darki, Ali Akbar Sculpted nanotrampolines for photonics and sensing
Díaz, Luisa Fernanda Rodríguez Modeling stellar atmospheres in 3 dimensions – understanding the properties of stellar convection
Jensen, Mads Lykke 3D dosimetry – the crash-test dummy of radiotherapy
Jones, Alfred John Henry Understanding the electronic properties of ultrathin operational devices
Kastorp, Claus Ultrathin carbon films: Materials for the future
Knudstrup, Emil Exploring the Diversity of Expoplanetary System Architectures
Majchrzak, Paulina Understanding and controlling the electronic properties of quantum materials
Nielsen, Camilla Lønborg Nanoparticles whisper of ionizing radiation – the future of radiotherapy validation
Pedersen, Simon Panyella Colliding particles of light
Sneftrup, Peter Sørensen Lagvis kløvning af safirtyndfilm med ultrakorte laserpulser
Winther, Mark Lykke Traversing the dimensions of stellar modelling - addressing the issues using computational methods
Bisbo, Malthe Kjær Machine learning assisted characterization of atomic structure - accelerating materials discovery
Borre, Camilla The Song and Dance of our Stars: Determining Ages of Merger Remnant Stars with Asteroseismology
Granum, Peter Measuring the Properties of Antihydrogen
Iversen, Ole Aae Interactions between light particles in cold atomic gases and one-dimensional atom chains
Lund, Henriette Elisabeth Study of the Electronic Properties of Quantum Materials: Potential Candidates in Future Technology
Olesen, Jonas Lynge Diffusion as a probe of structure: NMR virtual microscopy
Rasmussen, Stig Elkjær Superconducting Circuits and Quantum Algorithms Role in the Advent of the Quantum Computer
Stokholm, Amalie Louise Studying the Galaxy by studying the stars
Ahmed, Shaeema Zaman Quantum Games & Simulations Applications in Education, Outreach and Research
Andreatta, Federico Unprecedented direct access to the novel properties of tantalum-based two-dimensional materials
Christiansen, Mads-Peter Verner Atomistic Global Optimization: Bias Through Machine Learning
Clausen, Emilie Hindbo How to use a single atom to study invisible atoms and molecules
Dalgaard, Mogens Controlling quantum systems with machine learning
Daugbjerg, Thomas Schrøder Radiocarbon Dating of Lime Mortar
Debnath, Kamanasish When #inhomogneity is trending!!
Gad, Andreas An Experimental Study of 8B Beta Decay
Jensen, Jesper Hasseriis Mohr The precise, the perfect, and the really fast - how to ahrness quantum mechanics with optimal control
Meldgaard, Søren Ager Can we teach a computer how to optimize molecules and materials?
Mortensen, Henrik Lund Let the computer design the materials of the future atom by atom
Nielsen, Christian Flohr Elementary Particles and TheirIinteraction with Strong Electromagnetic Fields
Nielsen, Kristian Knakkergaard Dynamics of impurities in a quantum gas
Nyemann, Jacob Søgaard Investigation of structures in 12C via beta-decay of 12B
Pantazidis, Georgios Fragmenting nano-balls to create interstellar dust grain surface analogues
Skou, Magnus Graf Formation of quasiparticles in ultracold quantum gases
Skov, Thomas Guldager Oscillating ultracold gases - experimental observation og a Lee-Huang-Yang fluid
Tang, Zeyuan The structure evolution of interstellar polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Blocher, Philip Daniel When quantum measurements go out of order
Bækkegaard, Thomas Quantum computing with high-dimensional states
Christensen, Mikkel Berg Statistical properties of Bose-Einstein condensates in ultra-cold atom gases
Christiansen, Jeppe Hedelund Upconversion of light: a method for increasing the efficiency of existing and future solar cells
Elíasson, Ottó Single atomes under the microscope and spatially selective measurements of magnetic fields: a tale of two cold-atom experiments
Holmbo, Simon Constraining the progenitor system of type 1a supernovae
Holt, Ann Julie Utne Exploring in 2D
Jaganathan, Rijutha Studying the Chemistry of Interstellar Carbon Rings in the Laboratory
Justesen, Anders Bo Understanding the formation and evolution of binary stars and extrasolar planetary systems
Kristensen, Lasse Bjørn Cacophonic Quantum Computers - Noise and dynamics as building blocks for quantum computation
Laustsen, Jens Schultz Zooming in on ultracold atoms - locating single atoms with a quantum gas microscope
Midtgaard, Jonathan Melkær Adventures in two dimensions - Topological systems and exotic superconductors
Ravn, Nikolaj Schrøder Wittig Capturing the ultrafast - Attosecond transient absorption spectroscopy in diatomic molecules
Rørsted, Jakob Lysgaard Making computer models of stars - is everything better in 3D?
Simonsen, Frederik Doktor Skødt Nanocatalysts in space - can they compete with the microcatalysts
Stan, Raluca-Maria Realizing novel metallic trasition metal dichalcogenides at the single layer limit- gaining an understanding of the crystal structure and electronic properties
Volckaert, Klara Ultrafast Dynamics of Electrons and Lattice Vibrations in Quantum Materials
Barfknecht, Rafael Emilio Dynamics in strongly interacting one-dimensional quantum systems

Dakin, Jeppe 

Linear and non-linear massive neutrinos in cosmological n-body simulations
Hansen, Kenneth Klochmann Many-Electron Effects in High-order Harmonic Generation from Atoms, Molecules and Solids
Hjorth, Maria Storgaard Orbital Orientations of Exoplanets: Stellar Spin-Orbit Angles as a Window to Planet Formation and Evolution
Jensen, Jesper Halkjær Experimental study of 10Li with low energy (d,p) reactions
Knudsen, Jeppe Langeland Experimental Investigations of Intrinsic Biochromophore Properties
Loft, Niels Jakob Søe Quantum Systems in Cold Atoms and Superconducting Circuits
Møller, Søren Hanghøj

Ultrashort laser-pulse modification of materials: Quantifying metal-nanoparticle near fields and transient optical properties of dielectrics

Naserbakht, Sepideh Preassure sensing and electro-optomechanics with suspended membrane arrays
Rørstad, Jørgen Johansen Features of attosecond transientabsorption spectra
Schouder, Constant Laser-induced Alignment and Structure Determination of Molecular Dimers embedded in Helium Nanodroplets  
Shcherbibin, Mykola Excitation and ionization processes in helium nanodroplets
Slumstrup, Ditte Spectroscopy of Red Giants
Sørensen, Christina Kjær Absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy of molecular ions in vacuo
Sørensen, Jens Jakob Winther Hedemann Quantum Control of Ultracold Quantum Systems
Teiwes, Ricky Reactions of Ozone with Iodide and Hydrated Iodide
Verteletsky, Katérina Heat at the Microscopic Level: Experimental and Theoretical Perspectives
Alves, Bruno Laser Spectroscopy of Antihydrogen and Fundamental Symmetry Tests  
Eriksen, Emil Modelling nanostructure-enhanced upconversion for photovoltaic applications
Hubbard, Nicholas Studies of the nuclear structure of 12C and the astrophysical production of 23Na
Jing, Qingli A study of nuclear dynamics following excitation and ionization in small molecules and weakly bound clusters
Jørgensen, Anders Vestergaard Building an Optical Centrifuge: Rotation of Isolated Molecules and Molecules in Helium Nanodroplets
Jørgensen, Nils Byg Observation of Bose Polarons in a Quantum Gas Mixture
Kiilerich, Alexander Holm Quantum Metrology with Continuous Measurements
Kristensen, Mick Althoff Atom Number Fluctuations in Bose-Einstein Condensates
Lakhotiya, Harish Materials and plasmon optimization for efficient upconversion in Er3+-doped TiO2 and NaYF4: Towards c-Si solar cell efficiency enhancement
Munch, Michael A study of 8Be, 12C and 27Al with state-of-the-art detector arrays
Zhang, Jinglei Quantum Measurement and Preparation of Gaussian States
Aarslev, Magnus Johan   Convection and stellar oscillations  
Arnold, Fabian Synthesis, Structure and Electronic Properties of Novel Single Layer Transition Metal Chalcogenides
Christensen, Rasmus Søgaard Dirt at absolute zero temperature – Impurity particles in ultracold gases
Dehkharghani, Amin Salami Quantum mechanics in one dimension - How do tiny cold particles behave in one dimension?
Dendzik, Maciej Beyond graphene - atomic layers of transition metal dichalcogenides 
Fisher, Karin Adiabatic cooling for rovibrational spectroscopy of molecular ions
Greplova, Eliska Quantum Measurements: From Bayes Rule to Neural Networks
Haahr-Lillevang, Lasse Ultrafast heating of glasses, how does it look?
Hove, Dennis Weakly bound few-cluster structures with many-body correlations
Jensen, Pernille Ahlmann Astrophysically Relevant Large Carbonaceous Molecules and their Interaction with Atomic Hydrogen
Koksbang, Sofie Marie Light propagation in an inhomogeneous universe: Exact versus approximate methods  
Meyer, Steffen Frequency Comb Driven Raman Transitions in the THz Range: High Precision Isotope Shift Measurement in Ca+
Nair, Bhagya Assembly and characterization of arrays of nano-membranes – towards collective optomechanics
Ngankeu, Arlette Sohanfo Study of the Electronic Properties of Three- and Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
Søndergaard, Anders Aspegren Rotation and alignment of molecules solvated in superfluid helium nanodroplets
Wistisen, Tobias Nyholm Is the trajectory of a radiating charge predictable or random?
Yu, Chuan Strong-field ionization of two-electron model atoms
Andersen, Christian Kraglund Theory and design of quantum devices in circuit QED
Bækhøj, Jens Egebjerg Attosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy of Atoms and Diatomic Molecules
Heck, Robert A Toolbox for Optimized and Stable Experiments with Ultracold Quantum Gases
Houmøller, Jørgen Hyldig Color tuning of nature’s LED by a single water molecule
Johansen, Rasmus Ranch Generation of Few-Cycle, Mid-Infrared Laser Pulses: Ionization of Aligned and Oriented Molecules
Lund, Morten Vinther A search for exotic decay modes on the proton drip-line - the cases of 20-21Mg
Michiardi, Matteo Study of electronic states in novel materials: Topological insulators and rare-earth diantimonide
Müller, Romain Charles Gerhard Franziskus A new experiment to probe and manipulate quantum systems
Odderskov,  Io Precision cosmology and galactic velocity patterns
Pedersen, Jakob Knorborg Classical and Quantum Behavior of Dipoles on a Helix
Poulsen, Eva Lykkegaard Science and Me: Who Should I Be
Rasmussen, Chris Ørum Testing the Laws of Nature with Trapped Antihydrogen
Refsgaard, Jonas Spectroscopy on carbon-12 - do nuclei rotate? 
Skov,  Anders Witte Bringing interstellar space to the laboratory – Molecular hydrogen formation in space
Svensmark, Jens Tunneling Ionization of Diatomic Molecules
Van Eylen, Vincent Discovery, Characterization, and Dynamics of Transiting Exoplanets
Wade, Andrew Christopher James Manipulating collective atomic states by light-matter interactions and probing
Yue, Lun Strong-field-induced breakup of diatomic molecules
Andersen, Hans Harhoff Cooling and manipulating ions in traps with integrated optical cavities
Andersen, Søren Lindholt Positronium Formation & Cooling in Meso-Structured Silica Films
Christiansen, Lars Laser Induced Alignment of Molecules Embedded in Helium Droplets: Exploration and Potential Applications
Gajdacz, Miroslav Non-destructive imaging and feedback with ultracold gases
Harbo, Lasse Sloth Decay pathways of atomic and small molecular ions after visible or extreme ultraviolet photoabsorption
Inceoglu, Fadil Investigating decadal- to millennial-scale solar variability based on instrumental observations and cosmogenic nuclides
Jiang, Chen Asteroseismology of Red Giant Stars: Time Series, Modelling and Mixed Mode
Kiefer, Hjalte Photophysics of gas-phase protein chromophore ions
Koldste, Gunvor Tram Deciphering drip-line decays - the case of 31Ar
Laursen, Kasper Lind Broad resonances in 12C and 20Ne
Legrand, Olivier Localization spectroscopy of a single ion in an optical lattice
Lund, Mikkel Nørup Asteroseismology: Rotation and Convection in stars
Lundkvist, Mia Sloth Asteroseismology of solar-like stars - Exoplanet hosts in the Kepler era
Lundkvist, Rasmus Sloth Neutrino Oscillations in Very Dense Media– Production and Chaos
Marchukov, Oleksandr Effects of Confinement on Conventional Spin Problems
Mikkelsen, Rune Elgaard Radiation Emission from Relativistic Particles
Wacker, Lars Johann Few-body physics With ultracold potassium rubidium mixtures
Achermann, Dania Von der Deutschen Forschungsanstalt für Segelflug zum Institut für Physik der Atmosphäre Wandel und Kontinuitäten institutioneller Identitäten
Barretto, Lucas Almeida Miranda Surface electronic transport measurements: A micro multi-point probe approach
Basse, Tobias Aspects of dark energy
Bellotti, Filipe Furlan Two- and three-dimensional few-body systems close to the universal regime
Christensen, Lauge Femtosecond Photoelectron Spectroscopy nd Coulomb Explosion Imaging using Laser Aligned Molecules
Goddiksen, Mads Paludan Philosophical Perspectives on Interdisciplinary Science Education – Characterizing important expertises through a practice oriented analysis of integration and explanation
Golubeva, Natalia Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Molecular Machines
Green, Sara Marie Ehrenreich Systems Biology and the Quest for General Principles: A philosophical analysis of methodological strategies in systems biology
Gulliksen, Jacob Steven Optimizing the characterization of quantum processes
Linnet, Rasmus Bogh Probing and controlling ion Coulomb crystals by optical cavity fields
Mikkelsen, Kaare Bjarke Dynamics of macro- and microscopic neural networks
Pedersen, Poul Lindholm Multi-mode spin dynamics of a Bose-Einstein condensate in an optical lattice
Savolainen, Juha-Matti Ultrashort-pulse laser nanostructuring of optical fibers and applications for mode conversion
Schultz, Christian Models of the Dark Universe Through Cosmological N-body Simulations
Spiewanowski, Maciej Orbital distortion and nondipole effects in strong field physics
Ulstrup, Søren A Direct Study of the Electronic Structure of Graphene - Tunability, Many-Body Interactions and Ultrafast Dirac Fermions
Wagenknecht, Susann Collaboration in scientific practice. A social epistemology of research groups
Winter, Nils Fritz Peter Creation of 39K Bose-Einstein condensates with tunable interaction
Andersen, Kristoffer Kærslund Radiation emission from ultrarelativistic electrons
Bianchi, Marco Electronic structure and electron dynamics of the topological insulator Bi2Se3
Dupont, Sune Vestergaard Lund Intense lasers in optical fibres – when a colour turns to a shining white light much more intense than the Sun
Gammelmark, Søren Efficient Parametri Inference, Estimation and Simulation og Open Quantum Systems
Handberg, Rasmus  Asteroseismology of solar-like stars
Hansen, Anders Kragh Cold Molecular Ions: Rotational State Preparation and Single Ion Reaction Experiments
Klærke, Benedikte Gas-Phase Studies of Astrophysical Relevant Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Ions
Lindballe, Thue Bjerring Optical trapping of microscopic particles - eliminating their thermal movement
Nielsen, Lisbeth Munksgård Absorption of UV radiation in DNA
Sørensen, Peder Klokmose Three-body recombination in cold atomic gases
Volosniev, Artem Few-Body Systems in Low-Dimensional Geometries
Wædegaard, Kristian Juncher Ultrashort-Pulse Laser Modification of Materials: Understanding and Controlling the Optical Properties
Bülow, Thomas Tram Dark Relics in Cosmology/Universets mørke side: Lette sterile neutrinoer i det tidlige univers
Esberg, Jakob An Experimental Approach to Simulations of the CLIC Interaction Point
Etches, Adam High-order harmonic generation from polar molecules
Gadsbølle Larsen, Anne-Louise Trapped fermions with short-range and dipolar interactions in 2D optical lattices
Graversen Johansen, Jacob Transfer reaction study of neutron rich beryllium isotopes
Herman, Rochus Prediction of the Response Behaviour of One-Hit Detectors in Particle Beams
Lund Nielsen, Birgitte Science Teacher's Meaning-Making of Teaching Practice, Collaboration and Professional Development
Nielsen, Jens Hedegaard Laser-induced alignment and orientation of quantum-state selected molecules and molecules in liquid Helium droplets
Philippsen, Bente Variability of freshwater reservoir effects: Implications for radiocarbon dating of prehistoric pottery and organisms from estuarine environments
Poulsen, Gregers Gjerlev Sideband Cooling of Atomic and Molecular Ions
Rahbek, Dennis Bo Photo-fragmentation and electron-detachment studies of gas-phase chromophore ions
Sørensen, Ole Søe Exact treatment of interacting bosons in rotating systems and lattices
Albert, Magnus A light-matter interface based on ion Coulomb crystals in an optical cavity
Baggesen, Jan Conrad Attosecond Time-Resolved Measurements
Buhl, Niels Diffusion on Networks and Diffusion Weighted NMR of the Human Lung
Holstein-Rathlou, Christina

Wind related evolution of the Martian surface

Kirketerp, Maj-Britt Suhr Photophysical properties of ?-conjugated molecular ions in the gas phase
Leth, Henriette Astrup Dissociative Ionization. A Study Using the Mote Carlo Wave Packet Approach
Lund, Tina Neutrino Physics from supernovae
Mai, Sune Schøtt Dynamical Control of Matter Waves in Optical Lattices
Riis, Anna Sejersen Neutrino Physics and Beta -decays
Selchau, Jacob Quantum Cryptography with Integrated Optics
Skovbo, Katrine Analytical Approaches to Non-Linear Cosmological Structure Formation


Andresen, Gorm Bruun Evaporative cooling of antiprotons and efforts to trap antihydrogen
Brandbyge, Jacob Quantitative cosmology – massive neutrinos in non-linear structure formation
Brogaard, Karsten Frank Stellar cluster ages and tests of stellar evolution – cluster member eclipsing binaries as a tool
Byskov-Nielsen, Jeppe Short-pulse laser ablation of metals: Fundamentals and applications for micro-mechanical interlocking
Do?an, Gülnur Asteroseismic Modelling of Solar-like Stars
Hyldegaard, Solveig Beta-decay studies of 8Be and 12C
Jarnhus, Philip Roland Aspects of Non-Gaussian Signature. Generation in Scalar Field Inflation
Kirsebom, Oliver S. 8B Neutrinos and 12C Resonances
Madsen, Christian Bruun Molecules in intense laser fields: Studies of ionization, high-order harmonic generation and alignment
Martiny, Christian Per Juul Strong-field ionization of atoms and molecules by short femtosecond laser pulses
Nielsen, Anne E.B.

State Preparation and conditional Dynamics of Quantum Systems

Petersen, Martin C. Defect and diffusion studies in germanium
Thomsen, Heine Dølrath

Taming GeV Photons & Antimatter. Formation Length-Related Bremsstrahlung Effects & Controlling Slow Positrons

Bjælde, Ole Eggers The Dark Universe
Holm, Anne Ivalu Sander Bare and Solvated DNA and Peptides. Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry
Højbjerre, Klaus Experiments with Cold Trapped Molecular Ions
Piil, Rune Tousgaard Cold atoms in one-dimensional periodic potentials
Martin Thøgersen Universality in Ultra-Cold Few- and Many-Boson Systems (PDF 1.6 Mb)
Andersen, Henrik Kjær Bose-Einstein condensates in optical lattices
Pedersen, Morten Stejner Sand Quark Matter in Compact Stars
Nissen, Henrik Dahl Studying kinematics in the Orion Molecular Cloud
Kibsgaard, Jakob Atomic-scale investigation of MoS2-based hydrotreating model catalysts
Knudsen, Jan Ultrathin surface alloys and oxides as model systems for heterogeneous catalysis
Xu, Wei Adsorption of organic molecules on solid surfaces
Herskind, Peter F. Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics with Ion Coulomb Crystals (PDF 7.8 Mb)
Pedersen, Line Hjortshøj Neutral Atom Quantum Computing with Rydberg Blockade (PDF 6.5 Mb)
Tordrup, Karl Quantum Computing in Ensemble Systems
Basbøll, Anders Aspects of Cosmological Inflation (PDF 0.8 Mb)
Christensen, Bjarke Holl Short-pulse excitation of matter: Fundamentals and applications
Karoff, Christoffer S. Observational Asteroseismology
Knudsen, Hans Henrik Low-energy Nuclear Reactions. Exploratory work on 11Be (PDF 11.3 Mb)
Weber, Søren Vinter Boosters for synchrotrons - exemplified by the Australian Synchrotron Booster
Møller, Ditte Adiabatic Processes in Quantum Computation (PDF 3.5 Mb)

Hansen, Brian Diffusion MRI in Neuroscience
Hovgaard, Mads Bruun From protein adsorption to amyloid fibrillation: A biological surface science approach
Lorentzen, Martin Fundamentals, applications and developments of a piezoresistive cantilever sensor
Jensen, Jesper Skov Silicon based materials for optical applications
Viftrup, Simon Stenfeldt Control of molecular rotation using pulsed lasers
Weigelt, Sigrid Self-assembly, dynamics, and reactions of organic molecules on metal surfaces (PDF 13.5 Mb)
Zinner, Nikolaj Thomas Nuclear Reactions for Nuclear Astrophysics (PDF 5.2 Mb)
Têtu, Amélie Silicon-based components: 2D photonic crystal components and semiconductor nanocrystals (PDF 3 Mb)
Matthiesen, Jesper The influence of point defects on TiO2(110) surface properties (PDF 5.7 Mb)
Enevoldsen, Georg Herborg Scanning Probe Microscopy Studies of a Metal Oxide Surface (PDF 14.1 Mb)
Kjeldsen, Thomas Kim Wave packet dynamics studied by ab initio methods: Applications to strong-field ionization of atoms and molecules (PDF 1.2 Mb)
Mouritzen, Anders Sørrig Quantum State Reconstruction in several-particle systems (PDF 2 Mb)
Andresen, Esben Ravn Fiber-based Implementations of Coherent anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microspectroscopy and Microscopy (PDF 3.1 Mb)
Bertelsen, Jesper Fevre Ultracold Atomic Gases - Mixtures and Molecules (PDF 3.8 Mb)
Nielsen, Carsten Krogh Mode Locked Fiber Lasers: Theoretical and Experimental Developments (PDF 2.9 Mb)

Bassler, Niels Experimental Studies Relevant for Antiproton Cancer Therapy
Bisgaard, Christer Zoffmann Laser induced alignment
Diget, Christian Aaen Beta delayed particle emission Probing the triple alpha continuum (PDF 3.5 Mb)
Dong, Mingdong Scanning Probe Microscopy Studies of Biomolecules on Surfaces
Hemmersam, Anne Gry Protein adsorption and nanostructuring - Studies of model systems relevant for implant materials
Olsen, Jesper Stable isotope mass spectrometry and AMS dating applied to a multi-proxy climate record from the Bliden Lake, Denmark (PDF 5.8 Mb)
Petersen, Vivi Gaussian Description of Squeezed Light and Magnetometry (PDF 1 Mb)
Sherson, Jacob Quantum Memory and Teleportation Using Macroscopic Gas Samples (PDF 3.2 Mb)
Gustafsson, Maiken Velocities and Structures in the Orion Molecular Cloud (PDF 11.4 Mb)
Andersen, Thomas Vestergaard Applications of Nonlinear Optics and Optical Fibers (PDF 5Mb)
Wells, Justin A combined study of the electronic structure and transport properties of surfaces. (PDF 5.2 Mb)
Svendsen, Annette Electron- and Photon-Induced Fragmentation of Molecular Ions (PDF 1.7 Mb)
Almtoft, Klaus Pagh Structural Characterization of Nanocrystalline Thin Films Grown by Magnetron Sputtering (PDF 20 Mb)
Rechendorff, Kristian The influence of surface roughness on protein adsorption (PDF 7.9 Mb)

Weidinger, Michael Lyman-? as a tool (PDF 3.7 Mb)
Vang, Ronnie Thorbjørn A Surface Science Approach to Catalysis (PDF 23 Mb)
Vogelius, Ivan Storgaard Cooling and Manipulating Trapped Molecular Ions (PDF 3.1 Mb)
Hillingsøe, Karen Marie Nonlinear wave propagation in photonic crystal fibers and Bose-Einstein condensates (PDF 4.1 Mb)
Mortensen, Anders Aspects of Ion Coulomb Crystal based Quantum Memory for Light (PDF 5.9 Mb)
Rasmussen,Maria Dall Theoretical investigation of the adsorption of oxygen on TiO2 (PDF 2.7 Mb)

Kinch, Kjartan Numerical modeling of magnetic capture of martian atmospheric dust (PDF 6.8 Mb)
Wesenberg, Janus Quantum Information Processing in Rare-Earth-Ion Doped Crystals (PDF 1.8 Mb)
Liu,Bo Biomolecular ions in accelerators and storage rings (PDF 8.6 Mb)
Sørensen, Ole Brief encounters: binary correlations among bosons
Jeppesen, Henrik Low energy nuclear reactions with the radioactive isotope 9Li at REX-ISOLDE (PDF 2.1 Mb)
Staanum, Peter Quantum optics with trapped calcium ions (PDF 5.0 Mb)
Vestergaard, Ebbe Kruse Scanning tunneling microscopy studies of model systems relevant to catalysis (PDF 7.1 Mb)

Rønnau, Anders A closer look at the TiO(110) surface with STM (PDF 5.3 Mb)
Seiersen, Klaus Electron scattering on positive and negative ions studied in heavy-ion storage rings (PDF 3.6 Mb)
Laustsen, Thomas Entanglement: the essence of quantum mechanics
Julsgaard, Brian Entanglement and quantum interactions with macroscopic gas samples (PDF 6.9 Mb)
Sampaio, Jorge Miguel Weak interaction processes in nuclei for core-collapse supernovae

Lauritsen, Jeppe Vang Atomic-scale study of a hydrodesulfurization model catalyst (PDF 5.6 Mb)
Poulsen, Uffe Vestergaard Bose-Einstein condensates:: Excursions beyond the mean field (PDF 1.1 Mb)
Thostrup, Peter Bridging the pressure gap with scanning tunneling microscopy (PDF 10.4 Mb)
Nielsen, Søren Kynde Current-voltage behavior of atomic-sized transition metal contacts (PDF 9.6 Mb)
Zangenberg, Nikolaj Defect and diffusion studies in Si and SiGe
Schori, Christian Frequency Tunable Light Source of Continous Quadrature Entanglement (PDF 3.7 Mb)
Kühnle, Angelika Molecular self-assembly and chiral recognition: biologically relevant molecules of metal surfaces (PDF 7.2 Mb)
Bruntt, Hans Steps towards asteroseismology and a search for giant planets: studies of stellar clusters (PDF 13.6 Mb)
Schunack, Michael Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Studies of Organic Molecules on Metal Surfaces (PDF 9.3 Mb)

Højrup Hansen, Kim Atomic-scale characterization of a model catalytic system. PD nanocrystals supported on Al2O3/NiAl(110) (PDF 4.5 Mb)
Mikkelsen, Anders Crystallographic studies of clean and alkali covered metal and semiconductor surfaces (PDF 9.2 Mb)
Jensen, Marie Jensby Dynamic processes in molecules
Jespersen, Sune Nørhøj Dynamics in Complex Media
Søndergaard, Christian Skou An Investigation of surface electronic structure and electron-phonon interaction (PDF 9.2 Mb)
Præstegaard, Lars Investigations of the ANKA Injector: Lattice, Beam Properties and Performance (PDF 1.7 Mb)
Kjærgaard, Niels Methods in Laser Cooling of Ions in Storage Rings and Traps
Sørensen, Anders Søndberg Quantum computation and multi-particle entanglement with trapped atoms and ions (PDF 1.0 Mb)
Dall, Thomas Heissel Spectroscopic analysis of Delta Scuti Stars
Raarup, Merete K. VUV Spectroscopy of Atoms, Molecules and Surfaces (PDF 1.3 Mb)

Jakobsen, Karsten Amdi Aspects of non-Markovian Dynamics in Quantum Optics
Hoffmann, Lone Carbon-related defects in silicon germanium, and Si1-xGex
Hansen, Kim Electrical properties of atomic-sized metal contacts (PDF 5.8 Mb)
Bergmann, Uffe Christian Exotic Decays of Nuclei at the Limits of Existence
Johannesen, Peter Hydrogen-related defects in crystalline silicon studied with electron paramagnetic resonance
Fage-Pedersen, Jacob Impurity-point defects complexes: Diffusion studies in Si and SiGe, and electrical studies in Ge (PDF 3.6 Mb)
Bluhme, Henrik Ionisation by positron impact (PDF 1.4 Mb)
Larsen, Jakob Juul Laser Induced Alignment of Neutral Molecules (PDF 1.7 Mb)
Petersen, Jakob Haahr Lithium adsorption on aluminium surfaces studied by HRCLS and LEED
Fynbo, Johan P.U. Pieces to the puzzle of galaxy formation (PDF 3.2 Mb)
Helveg, Stig Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Studies on Model Systems Relevant for Heterogeneous Catalysis (PDF 8.6 Mb)
Hornekær, Liv Single- and Multi-Species Coulomb Ion Crystals: Structures, Dynamics and Sympathetic Cooling
Hald, Jan Spin squeezing in a cold atomic ensemble
Budtz-Jørgensen, Casper V. Studies of Electrical Plasma Discharges (PDF 2.6 Mb)
Rosenkrantz de Neergaard, Gregers Thermodynamics of strongly interacting matter

Bason, Frank Charleson Aerosol optical depth measurements in the UV, visible and near infrared at Thule Air Base Greenland
Fynbo, Hans O.U. Beta-delayed particle emission from the dripline nuclei 11Li, 31Ar & 9C (PDF 14.5 Mb)
Kjeldsen, Lars Henrik Jens Hostrup Cross Sections for Photoionisation of Positive Atomic Ions: Absolute Measurement using Synchrotron Radiation
Pedersen, Henrik B. Experimental Studies of Atomic and Molecular Negative Ions: Lifetimes, electron-anion reactions
Andersen, Henrik Handberg Experimental Studies of Stable and Metastable Negative Ions
Petersen, Lars Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Studies of the Electronic Structure of Metal Surfaces (PDF 15.1 Mb)
Schweitz, Kasper Oktavio Stresses, Mechanical Properties and Stability of Artificially Multilayered Thin Films
Nielsen, Esben The Three-Body Problem with Short Range Interactions

Hannah, Torben Christopher Applications of the Inverse Amplitude Method to Chiral Pertubation Theory
Madsen, Niels Dynamics of laser-cooled ion beams
Lægsgaard, Jesper Electron Correlations in Narrow-Band Systems
Jacobsen, Jesper Lykke Frustration and Disorder in Discrete Lattice Models
Budde, Michael Hydrogen-Related Defects in Proton-Implanted Silicon and Germanium (PDF 1.5 Mb)
Fyhn, Mogens Feldthaus MBE-grown Si1-xSnx alloys
Sørensen, Jens Lykke Nonclassical Light for Atomic Physics and Quantum Teleportation (PDF 2.3 Mb)
Christensen, Jacob Juhl The Pattern Dynamics of Lamellar Phases
Vestergaard, Bjarne Propagation of quantum light
Andersen, Per Ellemose Protection of micromechanical pressure sensors with metallic glasses: Industrial Ph.D. project
Bay, Søren Quantum Optics in Structured Radiation Reservoires (PDF 1.2 Mb)
Pedersen, Morten Østergaard Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Studies of Growth and Adsorption on Transition Metal Surfaces
Madsen, Lars Bojer Strong Field Dynamics: Scattering and Multiphoton Ionization (PDF 1.3 Mb)

Hannestad, Steen Aspects of Neutrino Physics in the Early Universe (PDF 0.9 Mb)
Mogensen, Kristian Sten Deposition of TiN Coatings Using Pulsed DC PACVD: Plasma Investigation and Coating Characterization
Linderoth, Trolle Rene Diffusion, Nucleation and Growth of Pt on Pt Surfaces Studied by STM (PDF 11.4 Mb)
Vejby-Christensen, Lise Electron-Ion Collision Studies at ASTRID
Cobis, Andrea Excitations of Borromean Halo Nuclei
Mikkelsen, Ulrik Experimental Investigations of the Interaction of Munli-GeV Particles with Strong Crystalline Fields (PDF 3.3 Mb)
Tauris, Thomas M. Formation and Evolution of Binary Millisecond Pulsars: Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy
Paludan, Karen Fundamental ionization processes studied by particle/antiparticle impact
Kristensen, Poul Laser Spectroscopy of Negative Ions
Viskum, Michael Properties of Delta Scuti Stars: Observational techniques and results
Christiansen, Michael Bjerring Quark-Gluon Plasma in the universe

Grundahl, Frank CCD photometry of disk globular clusters
Olesen, Lars Experimental Investigation of the Junction in a Scanning Tunneling Microscope (PDF 4.5 Mb)
Brink, Carsten Fullerenes: Investigated by atomic collisions and photon interactions
Burchhardt, Jeppe Low Energy Electron Diffraction studies of alkali metal adsorption on metal surfaces
Petersen, Lars Near-IR spectroscopy of Giant Extragalactic HII regions as a tool for determination of dust extinction
Christensen, Søren Vrønning Some geometrical and catalytic aspects of alkali metal adsorption
Jensen, Dan Mønster Strangelets: Effects of Finite Size and Exact Colour Singletness
Larsen, Georg Bergeton Structure formation in mixed dark matter models
Nielsen, Martin Meedom Structures of Alkali Covered Aluminium Surfaces Studied by Low Energy Electron Diffraction

Krog, Jens Peter Diffusional and mechanical aspects of the solid state amorphization reaction
Nielsen, Jørgen S. Generation of Laser Light at 280 mm and Laser Cooling og 24Mg+ in the ASTRID Storage Ring
Nymann Madsen, Jesper Ionization in ion-atom collisions
Nielsen, Lars Pleth The Nucleation and Growth of Au on Ni(110) and Ni(111): A Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study
Balling, Peter The Structure and Dynamics of Atomic Negative Ions
Sodemann, Marianne Stilling Surface-brightness fluctuations in elliptical galaxies
Foss, Morten An X-Ray Diffraction Study of Ni and Cu Surface Structures induced by Sulphur and Gold

Klink, Casper Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Studies of C Adsorption on Ni Surfaces
Øbro, Mads All-optical signal processing utilising the Kerr nonlinearity in optical fibres
Langgaard Olesen, Michael Astrophysical Phase Transitions between Strange Quark Matter and Hadronic Matter
Medenwaldt, Robin Development of X-Ray Microscopy in Aarhus and Ultra Thin Foil Production
Rysholt Poulsen, Mogens Interaction of Positron Beams with thin Silver Foils and Surfaces
Thøgersen, Jan Multiphoton processes in optical fibers
Schmidt, Henning T. Ion-electron recombination in merged-beams experiments (PDF 3.4 Mb)
Berg Rasmussen, Frank The nitrogen pair in silicon and germanium microstructure and interaction
Hazell, Irene Rydberg States in Small Molecules, Laser Spectroscopy and Theoretical Models
Bækgaard Lauritsen, Kent Scaling and Dynamics of Laplacian Growth, Random Lattices, Ising Models & Interfaces

Simonsen, Henrik Duch Fiber Optic Sensors for Smart Composite Structures
Drewsen, Michael Investigations of Light-Induced Kinetic Effects on Atoms
Berg-Sørensen, Kirstine Quantum Mechanical Descriptions of 2D Laser Cooling
Ruan, Like Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Studies of S Adsorption and Chemical Reactions on Cu and Ni Surfaces
Hjorth, Jens Statistical Physics of Galaxies
Kyllesbech Larsen, Kim Studies of Metastable Metallic Thin Films

Jensen, Flemming Oxygen Induced Reconstructions of Copper Surfaces: A Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study
Jensen, Iwan Computer Simulations and Analytical Studies of Non-Equilibrium Phase Transitions in Interacting Particle Sy
Simonsen, Harald Roager Frequency Noise Reduction of Visible InGaAIP Laser Diodes by different Optical Feedback Methods
Kjeldsen, Hans High-precision photometry: Techniques and Results
Stapelfeldt, Henrik Negative Ions and Two-Electron Atoms in Strong Laser Fields
Schou, Jesper On the analysis of Helioseismic Data
Christensen, Kim Self-Organization in Models of Sandpiles, Earthquakes, and Flashing Fireflies
Kringhøj, Per A Study of InP Doped by Combination of Ion Implantation and Rapid Thermal Annealing

Mikkelsen, Niels Jørgen Formation and modification of solid lubricating layers by ion- beam techniques: I. Ion bombardment of sputter
Johannsen, Leif The Halo of 11Li
Mandrup, Lars Quark Model Calculations of Protonium Annihilation into two mesons
Engholm Pedersen, Jens Rare Earth Doped Fibre Optical Amplifiers
Gaardsted, Jens Ole Structure and Dynamics of Multiply Excited Atomic Systems

Skovhus Thomsen, Mette Accelerator Mass Spectrometry applied to the radio-isotopes 14C and 32Si
Mortensen, Klaus Adsorbates on the Si(111) 7x7 Surface Studied by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Pepke Pedersen, Jens Olaf Electron correlation in fast ion-atom collisions
Aaen Andersen, Lars-Ulrik Formation and crystallization of thin-film metallic glasses by heavy-ion irradiation
Mølmer, Klaus Studies of the electromagnetic field and its applications for atomic momentum spread reduction
Hau, Lene Vestergaard Theoretical Investigation of Radiation Line Profiles with Special Emphasis on Development and Application of

Keiding, Søren Rud Dissociation and Ionization of Small Diatomic Molecules

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Laursen, Thomas Surface alloying in austenitic stainless steel by ion implantation and pulsed-laser irradiation

Bech Nielsen, Brian The interaction of Deuterium impurities with intrinsic Defects in crystalline Silicon: An experimental Study
Torp, Bo On production and properties of metastable alloys
Jensen, Kjeld Ole Positron annihilation in noble gas bubbles in metals

Pape Møller, Søren Experimental investigations of energy loss and straggling together with inner shell-excitations of relativistic
Riisager, Karsten Neutrino mass experiments using electron capture ?-decay
Feidenhans'l, Robert Solving Surface Structures with X-ray Diffraction

Madsen, Jes Astrophysical Bounds on Dark Matter Properties
Stræde, Christian Neutron Induced Fission on 235U: Thesis

Bak, Jørgen Friis An experimental investigation of channeling radiation produced by 2 to 55 GeV/c electrons and positrons
Hedegaard, Per Studies of solid state effects in auger spectroscopy
Christensen-Dalsgaard, Birte Two-electron correlation in bound and low-energy continuum states

Esbensen, Henning Contributions to Detailed Perturbation Theory for Slowing-Down of Charged Particles.
Sørensen, Allan H. Theoretical investigations of bremsstrahlung emitted by relativistic electrons penetrating single crystals with special emphasis on axial channeling radiation and MeV projectile energies and electron cooling

Haugen, Harold K. Atomic collisions with multiply charged ions
Gu, Bing-Lin The evaluation of the Mössbauer isomer shift using a modified tight-binding method
Bach Nielsen, Henning Quantitative r-factor analysis of LEED data applied to studies of metal surface relaxations
Børgesen, Peter Studies on the bombardment of condensed molecular gases at liquid-He temperatures by electrons and ions

Wulff Petersen, Jon A Mössbauer Study of Impurities, Defects, and their Interactions in ANB8-N Compound Semiconductors
Hertel, Niels STAX: Standing X-Ray Waves. Interpretation and Applications to Lattice Location & Relaxation Studies
Møller Petersen, Poul Studies of Electron Cooling in the Ice-Storage Ring at CERN
Damgaard, Søren An experimental investigation of microscopic properties of the group IV semiconductors using Mössbauer spectroscopy
Petersen, Gert A Study of Some of the Phenomena that Determine the Optimal Performance of Multiwere Chambers
Holm Nielsen, Ole Theoretical investigations of lattice vibrations in perfect and imperfect semiconductor lattices

Dybdal, Kristen An investigation of the origin of the transient magnetic field acting on nuclei penetrating magnetized solids

Nielsen, Bjarne Roger An experimental study of high-energy light-ion-induced radiation damage in metals
Bøving, Einar Giede An experimental study of the production of K vacancies in heavy ion-atom collisions
Nørskov, Jens Kehlet A theoretical study of Hydrogen Impurities in free-electron-like Metals
Vaaben Andersen, Jørgen Translational factor in slow-atoms collisions

Nylandsted Larsen, Arne A Mössbauer Study of Isotope Separator Implanted Impurities in Group-IV Semiconductors and f.c.c. Metals
Tidemand-Petersson, Per Some Nuclear and Atomic Effects and Properties studied by means of Electronic K X-Rays
Lund, Martin Studier af Pb-K-skalsionisation i ?-henfald og ved tilsvarende storvinkelspredning af He++-ioner

Kjær Andersen, Stig Application of X-ray standing-wave field in impurity lattice- location studies
Knudsen, Helge Experimental Studies of Small-Angle Multiple Scattering of Energetic Ions in Solid and Gaseous Targets
Rødbro, Mogens High-Resolution Electron Spectroscopy in Ion-Atom Collisions
Mencke Hansen, Arly Lavfrekvente plasmabølger i to-fluid beskrivelsen med tilknyttet analyse af Heos 2 data
Heinemeier, Jan Production of Negative Ions Beams by Charge Exchange in Metal Vapour
Stensgaard, Ivan En undersøgelse af atompositioner i rene krystaloverfladers gitterstruktur ved hjælp af He-ionspredning

Bay, Helge Lago An investigation of the transmission sputtering and backsputtering yield of gold for Ar+ and Au+-ions bombard
Østgaard Olsen, Jørgen Low-Energy Atomic Collisions Studied by Various Experimental Methods
Budtz-Jørgensen, Carl Studier af kvadrupolvekselvirkninger af urenhedsatomer i metaller
Wolder Jørgensen, Henning Undersøgelse af kvantitative aspekter af auger-spektroskopien ved anvendelse af Rutherford-spredning

Poulsen, Ove Experimental Studies of Coherently Excited Ions Created in Ion-solid and Ion-Atom Collisions: The Zero-field
Jessen, Karl Arne Microdosimetric investigations of radiation qualities in low LET radiation fields

Hermann, G. Auger Line intensities and correlation effects: Search for correlation Effects in the M4,5N4,5N4,5 Spectrum of Xenon. Measurements of Inelastic Energy Loss in Single Atomic Collisions of Kr+ on Kr at keV Energies and Large Scattering Angles. Measurements of Inelastic Energy Loss and K-Vacancy Production in Atomic Collisions at keV Energies and Large Scattering Angles
Horsdal Pedersen, Erik Electron-loss cross sections of lithium atoms in gases: Electron-loss cross sections for fast, excited He
Juul Christensen, Jens Michael Spredning af tunge ioner på enkeltkrystaloverflade: Analyse af kinematik og ladningseffekter

Elvekjær, Finn An optimized FESR: Optimized FESR Applied to nN Charge Exchange Amplitudes. Amplitude Analysis of n

Kjær Nielsen, Niels Broken Symmetries in Quantum Electrodynamics
Pedersen, Mads Jørn Eksperimentelle undersøgelser af MeV-Protoners Dechanneling i Krystalstrukturer
Nielsen, Henry Information on Low-Energy Interaction from Elastic Pion-Nucleon Phase Shifts: Pion-Nucleon Phase Shifts
Martinsen, Poul O. Teoretiske undersøgelser af ...-henfaldsprocesser i kerner
Randrup, Jørgen Theoretical study of GT strength functions within the framework of the spherical shell model, with particular

Bøttiger, Jørgen Experimentelle undersøgelser af tunge ioners vekselvirkning med faste stoffer

MacDonald, C. Measurements of Hall-Effect and Sheet Resistivity as a function of Temperature on hot, Phosphorous Implant

Uggerhøj, Erik Experimental Investigations of Orientation Depence of Rutherford Scattering Yield in Single Crystals

Bærentzen, Jørn Curves of Growth of an Iron Multiplet for Osawa's Model Atmospheres for a Star
Thomsen, Poul V. Integral Equations Governing Radiation Effects (Notes on Atomic Collisions, III)
Schiøtt, Hans E. Range Concepts and Heavy Ion Rangers (Notes on Atomic Collisions, II): 1963