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Stefan Bromley


Stefan Bromley is an ICREA (Catalan Institute Research and Advanced Studies) Professor working in the Institute of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry at the University of Barcelona. He is a collaborator under InterCat.



He leads the Nanoclusters and Nanostructured Materials group (www.ub.edu/nnmgroup) which develops and uses a range of computational modelling methods to: i) study how the properties of nanomaterials evolve with size and dimensionality, and ii) design new materials using nanoscale/molecular building blocks. One of the group’s main research lines involves studying the formation and properties of cosmic dust grains using quantum chemical modelling. Here the focus is on nanosized silicate grains in environments where they are yet to acquire an icy mantle (e.g. the diffuse ISM, circumstellar environments). The group will use their expertise in this field to help identify these important and presumably ubiquitous species in an upcoming project (Illuminating  the Dust Properties in the diffuse ISM with JWST) using the soon-to-be-launched James Webb Space Telescope.


Stefan Bromley


Universitet de Barcelona

C/Martí i Franqués, 1, 08028 Barcelona, Spain