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Mikkel Elkjær Pedersen

I am a PhD student at InterCat at Aarhus University working with machine learning (ML) enhanced atomistic structure search algorithms.

I have completed both my BSc and MSc in Physics and Mathematics at Aarhus University both of which have been geared towards solid state, materials and ultra cold quantum physics. My masters thesis revolved around implementing a novel ML based mutation operation in a ML enhanced evolutionary algorithm framework aiming to increase both the speed and success rate of the algorithm. In my PhD studies the exciting field of ML also plays a central role in my theoretical research involving silicate dust grains to name just one example. 

Being a fairly recent addition to InterCat as of august 2020 I look forward to making an impact as a member of the theoretical research team in the aim of determining the molecular starting conditions for the origin of life across the universe.

PhD student

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1520-334 Ny Munkegade

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