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Karin Vittrup

I am the Center Administrator at InterCat, working at Aarhus University.

I received my Bachelor’s degree from Aalborg University in Language and International Studies, and spent one semester in Brisbane, Australia. I then moved to Aarhus University, where I completed my Master’s degree in Language and International Communication (Cand. Ling. Merc.) My thesis was on green communication within waste management.

After finishing my studies, I worked at Veidec ApS and SundSnack ApS within marketing and communication, and in 2013 I was hired at Aarhus University, Department of Physics and Astronomy. I have worked as a Research Secretary and Administrative Coordinator with several research groups at the Department.

Center Administrator

45 2338 2322


1520-327 Ny Munkegade 120

DK-8000 Aarhus C 

My role

As the Center Administrator at InterCat, my responsibilities range from human resource tasks to planning of events to many types of communication and dealing with smaller bits of admin tasks.