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Jose A. Martín-Gago

Jose A. Martín Gago is a research professor at the Institute of Materials Science of Madrid (ICMM-CSIC) and leader of the ESISNA group (Interdisciplinary studies based on nanoscopic systems)


Jose A. Martin-Gago is Group leader of the ESISNA group (Interdisciplinary studies based on nanoscopic systems wp.icmm.csic.es/esisna/). At ESISNA we study fields covering basic science (in particular nanoscience), vacuum technology (design and constructions of UHV systems for different purposes) and applications of those systems. Our goal is understanding the structure and electronic properties of molecular low-dimensional systems on surfaces. This research is complemented with beamtimes in large scale installations facilities for Synchrotron radiation. Also, vacuum technologies have been applied to the construction of the “stardust” machine to mimic the physical conditions at the dust formation zone of the evolved starts and to study the relation between gas and dust in circumstellar envelopes using ultra high-vacuum and surface science