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Alejandra Traspas Muina

I am a PhD student at Queen Mary University of London in the Ioppolo group. I am studying the physical and chemical properties of icy surfaces in space using unique capabilities offered at Large Facilities.

I completed a BSc. in Astronomy, Space Sciences and Astrophysics and an MSc. in Astrobiology in the United Kingdom. Throughout the duration of both degrees, I had the chance to discover the field of Astrochemistry. I have worked at the University of Tokyo doing numerical simulations of molecular clouds and protoplanetary disks. I have also worked with ultra-high vacuum systems, cryogenic techniques and, infrared, ultraviolet and mass spectrometry to study and characterise both Interstellar and Solar System ices. During my PhD, I will be exploring systematically the formation and destruction pathways of Complex Organic Molecules (COMs) , i.e., those of prebiotic character, on interstellar dust grains and on the icy surfaces of Solar System bodies. All these will be possible by using the unique capabilities available at Large Facilities like ASTRID2 (synchrotron), FELIX (free electron laser) and ATOMKI (tandetron).

PhD student

Queen Mary University of London

United Kingdom