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Julia de Carvalho Santos

I am a PhD student under InterCat at Leiden University studying the formation of complex organic molecules in interstellar dust grain analogs through non-energetic processes.

I completed a BSc. in Chemistry and an MSc. in Astronomy in Brazil. In the course of those degrees, I had the opportunity to explore the astrochemistry of the interstellar medium through many different approaches. I have experience in working with ultra-high vacuum and cryogenic techniques to study interstellar ice analogs, as well as applying infrared spectroscopy and mass spectrometry as diagnostic tools. Complementary, I have also worked with theoretical rotational spectroscopy and radio observations of molecular emission lines in star-forming regions. In my PhD, I will explore the formation of complex organic molecules in interstellar dust grains analogs through bottom-up surface reactions induced by atomic beams. I am looking forward to joining the InterCat team and to hopefully contribute to our understating of the chemical evolution of the interstellar medium. 

PhD student




Niels Bohrweg 2

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The Netherlands