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Pathway to a PhD

Alfie and Julia - Pathway to a PhD

28/04 - 2022 | Alfie&Julia

Forskningens Døgn – Day of Research

Today, we here at InterCat have had an opportunity to show off what the center researches to the wider general public of Denmark and now to the wider scientific community via the blog. This is because today here at Aarhus University it is Forskningens Døgn, which translates roughly to day of research. We are aimingContinue reading →

25/03 - 2022 | Alfie&Julia

On non-thermal desorption and baked goods

In the beginning of the month I have had the opportunity to visit the oldest city in the Netherlands, Nijmegen. Besides trying the exquisite local delicacy called marikenbrood, the supplementary purpose of the trip was to take part in experiments utilizing the Free-Electron Lasers for Infrared eXperiments (FELIX) laboratory. This facility is part of RadboudContinue reading →

19/02 - 2022 | Alfie&Julia

What else should a PhD student do?

Through making the blog, I have detailed the process I have been through. The past year has seen me being stuck in the UK, moving to Denmark and being able to start my own research. I have talked more in depth about this and have explained some of what it is like moving abroad toContinue reading →

21/01 - 2022 | Alfie&Julia

What I learned from the peer-review process (so far)

Positive referee reports are all alike; every negative report is negative in its own way. Yesterday I submitted the first paper of my PhD.  As I mentioned in my last blog post, it is about my first project as a doctorate student, on the formation pathways of methanol in interstellar ices. This was also myContinue reading →

15/12 - 2021 | Alfie&Julia

A quick look into my research

Regardless of wether in the broiling, effervescent December of Rio de Janeiro or the crisp and cosy dutch winter, I’m amazed to see how some universal end-of-the-year customs prevail. The nights illuminated by warm Christmas lights, the joyful anticipation for the year to come, and especially the mellow scents of roasted chestnuts, cinnamon and bakedContinue reading →

2/12 - 2021 | Alfie&Julia

What is my research?

Throughout the blog, I have often talked about the fact I do scientific research as part of my PhD. However, I wanted to take this blog post as an opportunity to actually explain what my area of research is and how I do it. I got this idea when talking to people at my accommodationContinue reading →

22/11 - 2021 | Alfie&Julia

Importance of scientific outreach

When Julia and I started the blog in March 2021 we aimed to document and share our experience of starting a PhD during the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. We firstly talked about how we were still trying to be productive while being stuck in our separate countries (such as in this post) and itContinue reading →

12/11 - 2021 | Alfie&Julia

Dez perguntas para uma astroquímica na Holanda

Recentemente, eu superei minha implicância (bem justificada, diga-se de passagem) com tudo relacionado à indústria da moda e resolvi assistir um dos famosos vídeos de 73 perguntas da Vogue. Escolhi a entrevista com a primorosa Olivia Colman, o que obviamente minimizou consideravelmente a probabilidade de ter sido uma experiência negativa. Gostei tanto, inclusive, que meContinue reading →

24/10 - 2021 | Alfie&Julia

My experience of a conference

In the last post, which you can find here, Julia talked about being able to go to in person conferences. In two weeks we both went to Sandbjerg Gods for the InterCat retreat and then to Capri for the 2020 European Conference on Laboratory Astrophysics. She talked about how best to navigate a conference andContinue reading →

5/10 - 2021 | Alfie&Julia

Back to in-person conferences 101

If you told the home-quarantined vitamin-D-deprived Julia of 6 months ago that in less than a year she would not only have finally been able to move abroad for her PhD, but also to attend in-person conferences again, she would have rolled her eyes obnoxiously. Nonetheless, here we are: in a plane heading back to theContinue reading →