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Niels Munch Mikkelsen

I am PhD student in Mie Andersens research group, working on applying machine learning techniques to study the structure of interstellar ices.

I completed my BSc and MSc in physics at Aarhus University. I did my master's thesis in Klaus Mølmer's group, where I studied various quantum systems using the past quantum state theory.

In my PhD studies, I will be doing theoretical research on interstellar ices using various machine learning techniques. Specifically, I will study how the formation of ices impacts various factors for small molecules such as adsorption, mobility and reactivity.

The machine learning methods includes approaches to accelerate structure optimization such as surrogate models or machine learning force fields.

I joined the group in 2022, and look forward to working with the other members, hopefully increasing our knowledge of interstellar catalysis.

PhD student

1520-337 Ny Munkegade 120

DK-8000 Aarhus C