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Green Chamber

The Green Chamber combines STM with X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). A base pressure of 2x10-10 mbar is achieved and the system is equipped with an ion sputter gun for the cleaning of single crystal samples. Samples can be cooled below room temperature using liquid nitrogen and heated to >1300 K.

A quadrupole mass spectrometer with a range of 1-100 amu is used for residual gas analysis and leak testing. It is housed in a differentially pumped chamber with an orifice that can be moved close to the sample for temperature programmed desorption measurements.

The chamber houses an Aarhus STM and and XPS system with a Phoibos 100 analyser and XR 50 X-ray source from SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH. The system is therefore ideally suited for tracking chemical changes at surfaces.

A range of ports allow the mounting of H and O atomic beam sources, metal and carbon evaporation sources. In addition, a differentially pumped mounting port is available to allow dosing of less volatile species from a Knudsen cell type thermal evaporator.