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Sergio Ioppolo

Sergio Ioppolo is Lecturer and Royal Society University Research Fellow at Queen Mary University of London. He is a collaborator under InterCat.



His group applies ultrahigh vacuum laboratory techniques to investigate the molecular evolution of the Universe at free-electron laser, ion accelerator, and synchrotron international facilities. He is the Head Scientist and sole responsible for the Laboratory Ice Surface Astrophysics (LISA) end-station at FELIX Laboratory. In partnership with other institutions, he also leads and manages the Ice Chemistry for Astrophysics (ICA) at MTA ATOMKI, and the Portable Astrochemistry Chamber (PAC) at ISA ASTRID2. Under InterCat, he will investigate photo- and electron-processing of prebiotic molecules relevant to life, while generating an extensive VUV-UV-vis ice database for the future identification of such species in the Solar System by means of present and upcoming space observatories, e.g. the ESA JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE) mission.



Queen Mary University of London

Mile End Road

London E1 4NS

United Kingdom