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Thien An Michael Quoc Tran

I am a MSc student in nanoscience, and I am doing my master’s project in Assoc. Prof. Mie Andersen’s research group. My master’s project is about studying solid oxide solutions where the purpose is to find a good catalyst for the hydrogenation of carbon dioxide to methanol. The research will be based on density functional theory which I will use to study possible reaction mechanisms. The goal is to get a mechanistic understanding of the hydrogenation in order to predict good candidates for solid oxide solution catalysts. In my daily work on the project, I am guided by Postdoc Raffaele Cheula.

I completed my BSc in nanoscience in the summer of 2021. I did my bachelor’s project in Prof. Jeppe Vang Lauritsen’s group. My project was about studying the catalytic properties of Cu/CuOx in STM. In the first year of my master’s, I chose to specialize in nanomaterials.

Master's student

1520-335 Ny Munkegade 120

DK-8000 Aarhus C