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Nikolaj Rønne

I am a PhD student under the InterCat group at Aarhus University working with machine learning enhanced global atomistic structure search methods


I have completed my BSc and the first year of my MSc in Physics at Aarhus University. My main focus has been on solid state physics, material and surface science. In my BSc project I worked in Bjørk Hammers group with machine learning enhanced structure optimization, where I contributed with novel ways to cluster local atomic environments, such that local atomic energies could be individually assigned based on the clustering.

In my PhD studies I expect to further develop methods to enhance and improve global atomistic structure search methods. I joined the InterCat group in August 2020, and I hope to contribute to the theoretical understanding of chemical processes in the interstellar medium.

PhD student


1520-335 Ny Munkegade 120

DK-8000 Aarhus C