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Cornelia Jäger


PD Dr. Cornelia Jäger is from Laboratory Astrophysics and Clusterphysics Group, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy and Institute of Solid State Physics at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany. She is a collaborator under InterCat.

Areas of expertise:

· Formation, processing and stability of cosmic dust analogs such as carbonaceous and siliceous grains of different compositions and structure in various cosmic environments and the spectral properties of dust anaologs.

· UV/Vis/IR spectroscopy of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons including substituted and hydrogenated PAHs in free jets and cryogenic rare gas matrices

· catalytic influence of dust surfaces on astrochemical reactions in ice layers triggered by UV and X-ray photons  and erosion of dust grains at the interface dust/ice


PD Dr. Cornelia Jäger


Max Planck Institute for Astronomy and Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Helmholtzweg 3, 07743 Jena