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At the moment we are reducing the delays caused by the Covid restrictions we have been subjected to. During 2022 we aim at reducing the overall turn around time to 3 - 4 months from arrival of the sample (present turn around time).

For enquires please contact c14@phys.au.dk.

We offer express delivery (less than 1½ month) at an additional  50 % charge per sample. Express samples can only be submitted when agreed to. This is because of limited capacity for express samples. When submitting express samples please contact Marie Kanstrup for acknowledgement prior to sample submission.

As of May 1st 2022 we charge a handling fee of 300 DKK + VAT for each submission

(series of samples submitted via online web submission)



[possible acquisitions]

Sample size


[acquisitions cost]

Charcoal 14C, [δ13C] 3-20 mg 3100, [EA-IRMS  δ13C + 150]
Textile 14C, [δ13C] 10-20 mg 3100, [EA-IRMS + 150]
Plants 14C, [δ13C, δ15N] 4-20 mg 3100, [EA-IRMS  δ13C + 150]
Bulk 14C (all, humic, humin, fulvic, residue), [δ13C] depends on carbon content 3100, +1700 per additional fraction, [EA-IRMS + 150]
Bone 14C, [δ13C, δ15N] 100-800 mg (depending on bone preservation) 3700 (EA-IRMS included)
Cremated bone 14C, [δ13C] 1 - 1.5 g 3200, [DI-IRMS + 150]
Shells 14C, [δ13C, δ18O] 10-20 mg 3100, [DI-IRMS + 250]
Wood (cellulose) 14C, [δ13C] 10-20 mg 3100, [DI-IRMS + 150]
Food crust 14C, [δ13C, δ15N] depends on carbon content 3500 (EA-IRMS included)
Mortar CO2 fractions 1500 (DI-IRMS included)
  • All 14C analysis includes δ13CAMS (±3‰). High precision δ13C can be requested (±0.05 – 0.1‰) at a additional cost.
  • Expected 14C precision is 0.5 - 0.7%, corresponding to ±25 - 35 14C years on a sample that is 5000 14C years old. High precision measurements can be requested at an extra charge (1700 DKK + VAT). Please contact c14@phys.au.dk.
  • Failed samples are charged 450 DKK + VAT (550 DKK + VAT for bone samples).
  • Sample sizes are for normal sized C targets (1 mgC). For further information on sample size, please see here.
  • On request and for an additional charge of 150 DKK + VAT we offer to send back surplus sample material to the submitter. Due to limited storage room we throw away samples one year after reporting the radiocarbon results
  • Cost for ready made targets (cathodes used on our system) or graphite (preferably with all necessary backgrounds) can be obtained by contacting c14@phys.au.dk