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Full list of AMS publications 1998-2003 (pdf file 130 KB)

Radiocarbon paper on fresh-water related reservoir effects in food remains on ancient pottery (pdf file 4 MB)

List of recent publications (2003):

54. Boaretto, E.; C. Bryant, I. Carmi, G. Cook, S. Gulliksen, D. Harkness, J. Heinemeier, J. McClure, E. McGee, P. Naysmith, G. Possnert, M. Scott, H. van der Plicht, M. van Strydonck: How reliable are radiocarbon laboratories? A report on the Fourth International Radiocarbon Inter-comparison (FIRI) (1998 - 2001). Antiquity, 77, (295), 146-154 (2003).

55. Boaretto, E.; I. Carmi, P. Fabbri, J. Heinemeier, S. Sartori, A. Sveinbjörnsdóttir, Y. Yechieli: Radiocarbon in thermal and fresh groundwater in Veneto Region, Northern Italy. Radiocarbon 18th conf, Wellington, abstract (2003).

56. Hale, J.; J. Heinemeier, L. Lancaster, A. Lindroos and Å. Ringbom: Dating ancient Mortar. American Scientist, 91, 130-137 (2003).

57. Kristiansen, S.M.; K. Dalsgaard, M.K. Holst, B. Aaby and J. Heinemeier: Dating of prehistoric burial mounds by 14C analysis of soil organic matter fractions. Radiocarbon 45 (1), 101-112 (2003).

58. Nørgaard-Pedersen, N.; R.F. Spielhagen, H. Erlenkeuser, P.M. Grootes, J. Heinemeier and J. Knies: The Arctic Ocean during the Last Glacial Maximum. Atlantic and Polar domains of surface water mass distribution and ice cover. Paleoceanography, 18, 8.1-8.9 (2003).

59. Rasmussen, T.L.; Wastegård, S., Kuijpers, A., van Weering, TCE, Heinemeier, J., Thomsen, E.: Stratigraphy and distribution of tephra layers in marine sediment cores from the Faeroe Islands, North Atlantic. Marine Geology, 199, 263-277 (2003).

60. Shotyk, W; M.E. Goodsite, F. Roos-Barraclough, R. Frei, J. Heinemeier, G. Asmund, C. Lohse, T.S. Hansen: Anthropogenic contributions to atmospheric Hg, Pb and As deposition recorded by peat cores from southern Greenland and Denmark dated using the 14C "bomb pulse curve". Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 67(21), 3991-4011 (2003).

61. Shotyk, W.; Goodsite, M.E., Roos-Barraclough, F., Givelet, N., LeRoux, G., Weiss, D., Cheburkin, A.K., Knudsen, K., Heinemeier, J., van der Knaap, W.O., Norton, S.A., C. Lohse, and T.S. Hansen: Accumulation rates and predominant atmospheric sources of natural and anthropogenic Hg and Pb on the Faroe Islands since 5420 14C yr BP recorded by a peat core from a blanket bog. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (accepted 2003).

62. Sveinbjörnsdottir, A.E.; Jan Heinemeier, Gardar Gudmundsson & Gudmundur Olafsson: 14C datings and the settlement of iceland. Radiocarbon 18th conf, Wellington, abstract (2003).

63. Sveinbjörnsdottir, A.E.; Jan Heinemeier, Sigurdur R. Gíslason & hrefna Kristmannsdóttir: Isotopic study of water-magma interaction in a sub-glacial volcanic eruption in iceland. Radiocarbon 18th conf, Wellington, abstract (2003).

64. Fischer, A.; J. Heinemeier: Freshwater Reservoir Effect in 14C Dates of Food Residue on Pottery. Radiocarbon 45 (3), 449-466 (2003).

65. Jørgensen, N.-O.; J. Heinemeier: Origin of saline groundwater in a sandstone aquifer on Bornholm, Denmark. Hydrogeology Journal (submitted), (2003).

66. Jensen, K.G.; A. Kuijpers, N. Koc, J. Heinemeier: Diatom evidence of hydrographic changes and ice conditions in Igaliku Fjord, South Greenland, during the past 1500 years. The Holocene (in press), (2003).

67. Knudsen, K.L.; H. Jiang, E. Jansen, J. Eiríksson, J. Heinemeier, M.-S. Seidenkrantz: Paleoceanographic changes off North Iceland during the deglaciation and the Holocene: foraminifera, diatoms and stable isotopes. Marine Micropaleontology 953, 1-33 (2003).

68. Humlum, O.; B. Elberling, A. Hormes, K. Fjordheim, O.H. Hansen and J. Heinemeier: Late Holocene glacier growth in Svalbard, documented by subglacial find of pre-Medieval vegetation and still alive soil microbes. The Holocene (submitted), (2003).