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Bachelor/Master projects

The Ultracold Quantum Gases Research Group at IFA investigates the properties of atomic gases at extremely low temperatures. This allows us to understand the fundamental quantum mechanical behavior of these many particle systems. Thus we test possible applications e.g. from the areas of quantum information theory and quantum computation. 

Moreover ultracold quantum gases can serve as simulators for phenomena from many other fields, such as few-particle physics or solid state physics.

You can find out more about our current experiments by accessing the section Research.

We always have Bachelor and Masters projects available.  In general we have two types of projects:

1. Independent project: Typically the student designs and builds an independent part which will be integrated into our experiments at the end of (or after) the project. This could be a particular optical setup, a laser system, an important electronic device or a piece of analysis software.

2. Research project: In a second type of project the student joins the research in the laboratory. This provides a deeper insight into current research but these projects are typically less well defined.

Often combinations of these two types can be realized! In an initial discuss we tailor the project to meet the students interests as well as the demands of our experiments.