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Villum Center for Hybrid Quantum Materials and Devices (HQMD)

Embracing Quantum Diversity

A diverse organization or society that successfully blends different types and styles of people tends to enjoy more creativity and long-term prosperity.  Something analogous can be true in the quantum world --- the philosophy behind Chen’s Villum project on “hybrid quantum materials”, which may provide a fertile “quantum legoland” for his experiments to discover new quantum matters and develop new “quantum methodology” to make and measure them. By combining different quantum electronic as well as photonic systems, his project aims to create a new generation of quantum materials and devices with unprecedented functionalities that can enable future quantum technologies with the potential to revolutionize how we currently compute, communicate, and how we sense and understand the world.  

Prof. Yong P. Chen is the Principal Investigator of the Villum center for hybrid quantum materials and devices (HQMD) funded by Villum foundation under the Villum Investigator programe. The center is established at Aarhus University, Department of Physics and Astronomy and run by the Chen group. Read the center announcement here.