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Yong P. Chen group

Group Members

Prof. Yong P. Chen

My lab exploits quantum physics to manipulate electrons, atoms, spins and photons in various materials and artificial systems, with the aim to uncover novel quantum phenomena and new states of matter, and to explore applications in quantum devices (such as quantum information and quantum computation devices), nanotechnology (such as nanoelectronics and nanosensors) and energy.

Asst. Prof. Richard Balog

My research focuses on understanding electronic and optical properties of quantum materials at cryogenic temperatures at the nanoscale using Unisoku LT-STM setup. In particular I aim to explore properties that arise due to many-body effects such as charge-density waves (CDW),  superconductivity, magnetic exchange, Kondo scattering, topological states,  etc.. 

I also study opto-electronic response of materials at the nanometer scale by means of electroluminescence. These experiments are performed using tip-enhanced spectroscopy setup that I have incorporated into the Createc type LT-STM in iNano (part of the Intercat centre). Experiments with this setup include investigation of the opto-electronic response of bare 2D layers their hybrids but also investigation of the optical response of defects in semiconducting and insulating materials. 

At the moment I pursue a concept of performing in-operando measurements in both STM setups where I aim to study electronic and opto-electronic response of hybrid structures in form of the nano-devices. 

Dr. Kimberly Hsieh

My research interest focusses in novel 2D materials and hybrids such as topological insulator-superconductor hybrids using a combination of electronic transport and spectroscopy tools such as scanning probe microscopy.

Dr. Subhadip Das

My research interest in  magneto-Raman properties of two-dimensionals materials and their heterostrucures.

Dr. Lina Liu

My research interests focus on surface science studies of 2D materials and quantum systems, including growth of 2D crystals, surface chemical and physical properties of topological materials and heterostructures.

Kirstine Aggerbeck Stampe

Ihsan Ahmed Kolasseri

Visiting researches

Asst. Prof. Khuong Kim Huynh

Khuong is Assist. Prof. at Advanced Institute for Materials Research (AIMR), Tohoku University, Japan. He specializes on growth of novel quantum materials and their characterization by transport experiments.

Visiting period 15th Sept - 15th Nov 2022

Dr. Yaping Qi

Yaping is from Macau University of Science and Technology, China. Yaping's machine learning project focuses on advanced analysis of Raman and FTIR spectra.

Visiting period 1st Nov 2022 -