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The titles of several earlier projects within our different research fields are listed below; Metal nanoparticles, graphene for electronic devices or for protective coatings, astrochemistry and relevant molecules on surfaces, as well as a few projects in the construction of experimental setups.

More detailed information about our current research areas can be found here.


If you are curious about our research or interested in doing your bachelor project, masters thesis or PhD-thesis within the group then contact Liv Hornekær for further information.

Examples of earlier projects:

  • Experimental studies of the interaction between hydrogen and carbonaceous materials

  • Graphene on Metal Surfaces

  • Thermal Desorption Studies of the Hydrogenation of Coronene on HOPG

  • Experimental Investigation of the desorption kinetics of coronene and superhydrogenated coronene

  • STM-studier af selvorganiserende monolag af pyren på Cu(100)

  • Opbygning og indkøring af nyt STM-kammer

  • Characterisation of metal nanoparticles and their interaction with atomic carbon and carbon-based molecules for graphene synthesis

  • Grafen som beskyttende barriere på Pt(100)

  • STM undersøgelser ad Syntese af Epitaksial graphen på Ni(111)

  • Graphene-like coatings on Inconel 625 and Stainless Steel 304 studied using AES, SEM, STM, and XPS

  • A study of the corrugation of hydrogented graphene in Ir(111)by X-ray standing wavefield measurements

  • Mapping of local band gap opening in hydrogen functionalized graphene

  • TPD investigations of hydrogenated graphene on Ir(111)

  • Syntetisering af grafen på SiC

  • Design af kryogenisk prøveholder

  • STM studies of atomic hydrogen adsorption on epitaxial graphene on Ir(111)

  • Hydrogen templating på grafit via molekylær selvorganisering