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New grant - Raffaele Cheula

Raffaele Cheula receives a prestigious Marie Skłodowska Curie Global Fellowship

InterCat postdoc Raffaele Cheula has received a 2-year fellowship for the project “Design And Modeling of Oxide Catalysts by machine LEarning and atomistic Simulations” (DAMOCLES). The DAMOCLES project aims to apply data-driven modeling (i.e., molecular simulations combined with machine learning) to study and tailor metal oxide catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation processes (reverse water-gas shift, CO2 methanation, and CO2 to methanol), with the final goal of screening oxides in search of new and better catalytic materials. In the outgoing phase of the project (1 year) Raffaele will be hosted by Prof. John Kitchin at the Carnegie Mellon University in the USA. In the second year of the project he will return to Aarhus University under the supervision of InterCat PI Mie Andersen.