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Astrochemistry meets Surface Science: Theoretical Frontiers workshop

Workshop on "Astrochemistry meets Surface Science: Theoretical Frontiers"

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tirsdag 5. april 2022, kl. 14:00 - fredag 8. april 2022, kl. 12:30

The goal of the workshop is to bring closer together the research communities of theoretical Astrochemistry and theoretical (under Earth conditions) Surface Science. These two fields often address very similar questions, while using the exact same techniques and methodologies (e.g. electronic structure methods such as density functional theory, molecular dynamics or kinetic Monte Carlo simulations). And yet, despite these similarities, a noticeable communication gap exists between the two communities. Our multidisciplinary workshop aims to bridge this gap and help establish new networking and collaboration ties between these fields.

Website: https://conferences.au.dk/astrosurf2022