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ACS - Astrocheminars

On Wednesday, 9 September, the American Chemical Society, Astrochemistry Subdivision will host the first in a series of AstroCheminars that will be held on the second Wednesday of each month at 8 PM CEST (11 AM Pacific Time / 2 PM Eastern Time). Each event will feature one invited and one contributed talk.

The inaugural event will feature talks by Dr. Alexander Tielens and Dr. Andrew Turner. For more information (including abstracts of the talks and how to submit an abstract for a contributed talk), please visit


Registration is required. See the AstroCheminar page for more information.

YouTube channel

In addition, the subdivision are attempting to start a dedicated YouTube channel. To subscribe, check out the promotional video for the first AstroCheminar at:


Be sure to subscribe! We need 100 subscribers to start a channel.