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The InterCat Mailing List

On the first Tuesday of each month, the InterCat Center hosts an online webinar, with an invited speaker. We encourage interested colleagues to join our webinar to learn more about the center and to meet the center members.

If you would like to be informed about upcoming webinars you should subscribe to the InterCat mailing list. A list of publically available webinars from our invited speakers is also available.

Collaborate with Intercat

The InterCat Center is always looking to expand the people with whom we collaborate and the fields to which our research can have impact. Whether you are a student searching for a group to perform a research project or an experienced scientist searching for a collaboration partner we would love to hear from you. 

Please use the links below to find targeted information or visit the center to learn more.

I am a student looking for a research project

If you are a bachelor's or master's level student then the InterCat center might be able to host you for the research element of your programme. The first step is to read through the research activities that are hosted at the center and to identify the topics that are of interest to you.

The center is distributed between different groups and hosted at two different universities. You can get an overview of the locations of the various research activities from our laboratories page.

You are always welcome to drop into the center and meet and talk to the researchers involved, and the life and InterCat page can help you find out where to go.

When you are ready use the people page to find the right person to contact for the project that you want to do. Or send an email to intercat@phys.au.dk

I would like to do a PhD with InterCat

The InterCat center hosts several PhD students completing their studies at both Aarhus University and Leiden University. Additionally, the center can host PhD students for scientific visits and secondments.

If you are searching for a potential PhD project then start by reading through the research activities at the center. Current vacancies and openings for fully funded PhD projects are displayed on our open positions page. 

You are always welcome to visit the center.

I would like to do a Postdoc with InterCat

The InterCat center hosts several junior and senior level scientists working to build a career in science, both within and outside academia. In addition, the center can host visiting researchers for scientific visits and encourages collaboration with groups not currently encompassed in the center.

Open positions and fully funded projects are listed on the vacancies page. You are always welcome to visit the center or to contact a center member or the center admin team directly to learn more.

I am a scientist looking to collaborate with InterCat

Whether you would like to visit InterCat to give a talk about your research, visit the InterCat center to perform some experiments or invite a member of the InterCat community to meet your research group, we welcome your contact. We encourage you to email us directly.

I am an industrial partner hoping to collaborate with InterCat

The InterCat Center encompasses a wide range of technical expertise in experimental surface science, theoretical computation and observational astronomy. We are always searching to expand the range of fields to which our expertise might be of use.

We encourage potential industrial collaborators to visit the laboratories page to get an overview of the competencies hosted within the center and to contact a center member directly if you have a specific question. General enquiries should be directed towards the Center's admin team

I am a member of the public interested in the activities of InterCat

At the InterCat center, we have a strong interest in communicating our activities to the general public. If you are interested in the research activities of the center then we encourage you to visit our "explore InterCat" section to learn more. We are always looking for new ways to communicate our activities and results to the wider public and if you feel that this is an area in which you can help us then we would love to hear from you. Please direct general enquiries to InterCat@phys.au.dk

You are always welcome to visit the center.