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Ultrafast Dynamics of Quantum Materials


We are a new research group at Aarhus University that exploits ultra-short pulses of laser light from across the entire electromagnetic spectrum to explore and control the properties of materials. Our focus is on understanding the properties of "quantum materials", materials that show interesting and unexpected phenomena at unusually high temperatures, such as high temperature superconductivity. By using photons that range in energy from 5 meV to 15 keV we can study atomic, spin and electron dynamics on nanometer lengthscales and femtosecond timescales. Our work exploits laboratory sources of laser light, as well as the use of X-ray lasers around the world. 

Interested in joining? 

Are you interested in joining our group as a Postdoc or PhD student, or for a masters or bachelor's project? If so, contact us now to discuss the possibilities.

ERC StG for former group member

Congratulations to our former postdoc, Ernest Pastor, who has been awarded an ERC starting grant - PhotoDefect. 

Good luck with the new project!

European Research Council awards €636m in grants to emerging science talent across Europe | ERC (europa.eu)


New Publication

Our work on the use of optical pulses to program neural networks in phase change materials is now published in nanophotonics

The work was made in collaboration with Volker Sorger from George Washington University and Robert Simposon from the Singapore University of Technology and Design. 


New group member

Daniel Perez transfers from ICFO, Spain to join us as a post doc. 

Welcome Dani!


New pre-print

We have submitted our latest work on nanoscale imaging of the ultrafast phase transition in VO2 imaged using PAL-XFEL. Here we use spectroscopically resolved coherent diffractive imaging to observe local changes in the domain structure with <50 nm spatial resolution. 

Read more here


New Publication

Work from a theory collaboration with the group of Maciej Lewenstein at ICFO  has been published in Physical Review B


New Publication

Our work on understanding electron spin and structural dynamics in the bilayer irridates is out in Physical Review B now!


Daniel Perez Graduates

Daniel Perez sucessfully defended his thesis entitled "Inhomogeneity and Disorder in Ultrafast Phase Transitions" at ICFO. 

Congratulations Dani!


New pre-print

We have submitted a new pre-print on the photoinduced phase transition in V2O3. Here we show that the dynamics are governed by disorder and overdamping, rather than coherent motion, despite an ultrafast change in the potential symmetry.  

Read more here: Ultrafast loss of lattice coherence in the light-induced structural phase transition of the Mott-Insulator V2O3


Naman Joins the group

Naman Agarwal joins the group as a post doc after completing his PhD at the european XFEL and Hamburg University.

Welcome Naman!


Nina moves to Denmark

Nina moves from Barcelona to Aarhus to finish her PhD in Denmark. Welcome Nina!


New Publication in Nature Communications

Our work on disorder in the ultrafast melting of orbital ordering in the manganites has been published in Nature Communications


David Moreno Graduates

David Moreno sucessfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "The Application of Broadband Ultrafast Spectroscopy to Reveal Structural, Magnetic and Electronic Dynamics in Quantum Materials” at ICFO. 

Congratulations David!


New publication

A technical paper on our pump-probe setup, first designed in ICFO and now up and running in Aarhus has been published in Reviews of Scientific Instruments 


New lab ready to go

Our second lab, with a 10 kHz femtosecond Spectra Physics laser is now up and running!