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Regular meetings


There will be regular meetings between Qcool members that will be hosted by Aarhus University and Odense University on an alternating schedule, shown below. Each meeting will consist of a seminar given by one of the hosts group members, along with an informal "round table" discussion.

EDIT: Due to the CoViD-19 pandemic, there was a break in meetings in spring 2020. They resumed as online meetings starting May 2020.

November 15 - 2019Aarhus (Pohl)
December 10 - 2019Odense
January 14 - 2020Aarhus (Moelmer)
February 26 - 2020Aarhus (Pohl)  
May 20 - 2020Odense, Zoom meeting
June ?? - 2020Aarhus (Moelmer)