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Ny postdoc - Andrew Maxwell

Andrew Maxwell joins the strong-field and attosecond physics group lead by Prof. Lars Bojer Madsen in September 2021.

Andy Maxwell, foto Dr. AgneseAbrusci (UCLQ)
Andy Maxwell, foto Dr. AgneseAbrusci (UCLQ)

He will be funded for 2 years by his own Marie Curie scholarship, to study spin in strong field systems.

Andy did his Ph.D at University College London (UCL), which focused on quantum interference in strong-field processes. Following this he did a two-year fellowship at the quantum science and technology institute (UCLQ), investigating quantum metrology in strong fields. Since November He has been doing a postdoc at the Instituto de Ciencias Fotónicas (ICFO) in Barcelona, researching entanglement,  chirality and orbital angular momentum in strong field ionization.