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New Postdoc - Andrew Maxwell

Andrew Maxwell joins the strong-field and attosecond physics group lead by Prof. Lars Bojer Madsen in September 2021.

[Translate to English:] Andy Maxwell, foto Dr. AgneseAbrusci (UCLQ)
[Translate to English:] Andy Maxwell, foto Dr. AgneseAbrusci (UCLQ)

He will be funded for 2 years by his own Marie Curie scholarship, to study spin in strong field systems.

Andy did his Ph.D at University College London (UCL), which focused on quantum interference in strong-field processes. Following this he did a two-year fellowship at the quantum science and technology institute (UCLQ), investigating quantum metrology in strong fields. Since November He has been doing a postdoc at the Instituto de Ciencias Fotónicas (ICFO) in Barcelona, researching entanglement,  chirality and orbital angular momentum in strong field ionization.