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AMO Seminar - Michael V. DePalatis: Th3+ Ion Trapping and Production of Cold Molecular Ions

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Tirsdag 27. august 2013,  kl. 10:15 - 11:00



Speaker: Michael V. DePalatis

Title: Th3+ Ion Trapping and Production of Cold Molecular Ions


Frequency metrology using trapped ions has provided some of the most precise tests of fundamental physics to date. 229Th has a uniquely low-lying nuclear transition of only a few eV which could be exploited to extend this precision even further. Th3+ ions prove to be an ideal platform for accessing this nuclear state as well as for testing modern atomic physics ab initio computational methods. Here I will describe some of the many challenges involved in working with trapped Th3+ ions and some experiments performed with them.

A second topic involves the production of sympathetically cooled barium monohalide ions, BaX+ (X = F, Cl, Br). This class of molecular ions proves to be particularly promising for cooling to the rovibrational ground state. Our method of producing BaX+ ions involves reactions between cold, trapped Ba+ ions and neutral gas phase reactants at room temperature. Here I will present experiments to characterize these reactions for producing Coulomb crystals composed of laser cooled Ba+ ions and sympathetically cooled BaX+ ions.

Coffee, tea and breadrolls will be served at 10.

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