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Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

J.U. Andersen, Notes on Channeling

  • These notes were prepared for a graduate course on directional effects for charged particles penetrating crystals near major crystallographic directions. The course was taught at the department over many years. The notes have been revised and expanded continuously, for example with an introduction to channeling radiation. 

Ejvind Bonderup, Penetration of Charged Particles through Matter (Front matter-X, XI-Appendices)

  • These lecture notes have been used over the years in various graduate courses taught at the Department of Physics and Astronomy (formerly the Institute of Physics). The Danish original dates back to 1974, the English translation to 1978. The notes consist of 16 chapters, front matter including list of contents, and appendices.
  • At places, reference appears to articles published in the Danish journal abbreviated Mat.Fys.Medd.Dan.Vid.Selsk. These papers may be found at http://www.sdu.dk/Bibliotek/matfys (select volume and issue number but disregard year of publication at the lowest level).

Povl Kristensen (Pablo): Kvantemekanik (Full version /download)

  • These notes (in Danish) were prepared for the introductory quantum mechanics teaching at the department. They were used for many years, the version reproduced here dates from the first half of the 1980s. The notes contain six chapters, the first of which is a historical introduction to quantum mechanics. Tables of contents for each of the chapters can be found on the following pages in the scanned file: Chap. I (sections 1-13) p. 2, Chap. II (sections 14-22) p. 153, Chap. III (sections 23-28) p. 229, Chap. IV (sections 30-36) p. 295, Chap. V (sections 37-42) p. 349, Chap. VI (sections 43-51) p. 429. 
  • Note: the file is searchable.