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Doktorafhandlinger fra Institut for Fysik og Astronomi


2019 Steen Brøndsted Nielsen, Photophysical properties of molecular ions – The impact of a microenvironment
2014 Peter Balling, Ultrashort-pulse laser excitation of materials
2011 Ulrik Uggerhøj, Ultrarelativistic particles in matter: Experiments with radiation from GeV particles penetrating amorphous and crystalline media - investigations of formation zone and strong field effects
2006 Henrik Kjeldsen, Absolute photoionization cross sections : measurements and applications
2006 Philip Hofmann, The surfaces of Bismuth: Structural and Electronic Properties
2005 Steen Hannestad, Particle physics in the background
2003 Lars Bojer Madsen, Triply excited states, Correlations in lithium and lithiumlike ions
1998 Søren Pape Møller, Experimental investigations of stopping power and straggling for very low and very high energy particles of positive and negative charge
1997 Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi, Subwavelength apertureless light confinement. Near-field phase conjugation, holography and surface polariton localization (AAU)
1996 Arne Nylandsted Larsen, Group-V impurities in silicon. A study on their interactions with each other and with vacancies during rapid thermal annealing
1994 Flemming Besenbacher, Interaction of hydrogen and oxygen with bulk defects and surfaces of metals
1994 Karsten Riisager, Residence in forbidden regions
1993 Lars Henrik Andersen, Electron-Ion Recombination at Low Energy
1991 Nis Bjerre, Understanding small molecules
1990 Ole Keller, Theoretical Studies of Optical Second-Harmonic Generation in Centrosymmetric Metals (AAU)
1988 Erik Uggerhøj, Experimental Investigations of some Penetration Phenomena for GeV-particles
1986 Hans L. Pécseli, Solitons and Weakly Nonlinear Waves in Plasmas (Risø/DTU)
1984 Erik Horsdal Pedersen, Experimental Studies of Electron Capture in Asymmetric Collisions at Intermediate and High Velocities
1984 Ove Poulsen, The Development of High-resolution Spectroscopic Methods and Their Use in Atomic Structure Studies
1981 Poul Michelsen, Investigations of electrostatic ion waves in a collisionless plasma (Risø)
1980 Helge L. Ravn, Studies in on-line mass separation
1979 Jørgen Bøttiger, On depth profiling of hydrogen and helium isotopes and its application to ion-implantation studies
1977 Vagn O. Jensen, Some Investigations of the Ion Acoustic Wave Problem in Collisionless Plasmas
1977 Preben Hvelplund, Accelerated Particle Interaction with Static Gases. Experimental studies of stopping power and charge-changing collisions
1976 Bent Fastrup, Inner-Shell Excitation in Quasi-Adiabatic Atomic Collisions
1974 Hans Henrik Andersen, Studies of Atomic Collisions in Solids by Means of Calorimetric Techniques
1973 Gunnar Sørensen, Experimental Studies of Atomic Transitions