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National Instrument center for CERN Experiments

The instrument centre for CERN has the main website at KU. It was established in 2000 and is responsible for coordinating and supporting Danish research activities at CERN.

The centre received funding through the Danish Science Research Council 2000-2013 in continuation of the long tradition in Denmark for supporting CERN and research carried out there. It covers high energy, nuclear and atomic physics groups at IFA, at NBI and at DTU and was coordinated until december 2003 by Prof. Ole Hansen from NBI, from 2004 to 2007 by Prof. John Renner Hansen from NBI and from 2008 to 2014 by Prof. Peter Hansen from NBI.

The current NICE center is led by Prof. Jens Jørgen Gaardhøje from NBI, the funding is now coming directly from the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science in accordance with the recommendations in the Danish Roadmap for Research Infrastructure.

More information on the research carried out in ICE can be obtained by contacting the scientists involved in the research projects listed below. Some references to (semi-)popular accounts of our research topics (in nuclear and atomic physics) are given as well.

Research Projects

  • HEP  The ATLAS experiment 
  • HEHI  The ALICE experiment
  • ISOLDE  Nuclear physics and biochemistry research with radioactive nuclei
  • ASACUSA  Atomic physics with antiprotons and antihydrogen for tests of CPT
  • NA63 Radiation processes in ultrarelativistic collisions
  • ALPHA  Antihydrogen for tests of CPT

Some references

  • (In Danish) Aktuelt Naturvidenskab, nr. 2 (2009) - Mikkel Lund, Heine Thomsen, Ulrik Uggerhøj og Helge Knudsen: Atom nummer nul
  • (In Danish) Aktuelt Naturvidenskab, nr. 6 (2007) - Hans Fynbo og Nikolaj Zinner: Grundstoffernes historie
  • (In Danish) Aktuelt Naturvidenskab, nr. 5 (2004) - temanummer om CERNs 50 års jubilæum: CERN, ALICE, atomfysik, ISOLDE