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Lightboard Studio

Lightboard and Webcast Video Studio

The studio is designed to make it both simple and efficient for you to record videos of yourself for use in your teaching activities. You can use the so-called lightboard or a large touchscreen to produce vivid teaching videos including e.g. Powerpoint slides.

The videos are produced with only a few clicks and they are saved to a USB drive or the AU streaming server. Thus you can immediately check your recording. It is a simple and easy production solution.


The studio is primarily designed to record videos in two ways:

  • Lightboard video lectures
  • Webcasts

You can incorporate these videos in your Blackboard course pages to explain issues that students find difficult to understand, or even make recordings of entire lectures. Thus students can revise the curriculum whenever and wherever they need to.

Moreover the studio can be used to record any kind of presentation or interview.

Lightboard video lectures

The lightboard provides you with a method to present your material while facing your audience. The board consists of a thick glass plane with light projected into the sides of the glass. Thus everything you write is clear to see and you can e.g. make advanced calculations without losing details. The studio automatically mirrors the recordings so viewers can see what you are writing.

You can record yourself using the lightboard and mix the signal with the computer screen. This means that you can show e.g PowerPoint presentations within your presentation using the lightboard.

A detailed technical introduction can be found here: Lightboard


Webcasts provide the possibility to hold a lecture on an electronic whiteboard. The viewer can then choose to see the lecturer, the presentation or both side by side.

The electronic whiteboard also allows to display and annotate Powerpoint presentations or any other software. 

The resulting videos are directly uploaded to the Natural Sciences streaming server, where you can link to them or download the files.

A detailed technical introduction can be found here: Webcast

Technical information

The studio is available to all members of AU Natural Sciences!

To reserve a recording time the studio should be booked using outlook.
The room number is: 1524-125 Webcast Studio

Access is available by using an access code. You obtain the code when you
use the studio for the first time and get usage instructions.

An introduction to the studio can be arranged by contacting: danielhvid@au.dk

Detained operating instructions for the studio: Lightboard, Webcast