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Talk - Jonas Larson: 'Chaos and Quantum Thermalization'

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Mandag 16. september 2013,  kl. 16:15 - 17:00


Aud. D4, Math Department



'Chaos and Quantum Thermalization'


The tremendous experimental progress in cooling, isolating and controlling atomic gases seen during the last decade has spured new light on old questions in quantum many-body theory. One example is that of thermalization in closed quantum systems; which systems will thermalize and what is then the mechanism behind such equilibration? A common wisdom is that non-integrability or chaos is a prerequisite for quantum thermalization. In this talk I will try to convince you that such believes can be problematic. Before doing so I will introduce some concepts and definitions of quantum chaos and thermalization as well as integrability. Following these more genral discussions I will consider two specific examples of spin-orbit coupled atomic condensates in order to visualize typical behaviours. This will bring us to the conclusion that a complete understanding of quantum thermalization or integrability is lacking.