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The 15th International Conference on Quantum Fluid Clusters

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søndag 23. juni 2024, kl. 17:30 - onsdag 26. juni 2024, kl. 17:50


1630-1632, AIAS

The focus of this interdisciplinary conference is to stimulate the research on atomic clusters, in particular helium nanodroplets, which are strongly influenced in their properties by quantum mechanical many-body effects. It covers both fundamental aspects such as superfluidity and quantum vortices, as well as application of QFC as flying nano-cryostats for probing and synthesizing cold molecules and exotic nano-complexes. The conference gathers theoreticians and experimentalists from the traditional fields of low-temperature physics, cluster physics, molecular spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, cold chemistry, laboratory astrophysics, ultrafast spectroscopy, nanoparticle imaging, etc.