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Studenterkollokvium (NB: Zoom) - Rasmus Burlund Fink: 60 years of lasers… How far have we come?

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Torsdag 8. oktober 2020,  kl. 14:15 - 15:00



The first laser, and a part of the future most powerful.
The first laser, and a part of the future most powerful.

Supervisor: Thomas Winkler

2020 is the 60 year anniversary of the laser. The laser in one form or another can be found in almost all labaratories around the world. In that context the colloquium will try to explain two extremes of the laser timeline; the very first laser, build by Theodore Maiman, and the the soon to be most powerful laser in the world which is currently under assembly at the Extreme Light Infrastructure(ELI) Beamlines facility in the Czech Republic. During the presentation, the fundamental principles of the LASER and methods will be explained in simple terms.Some of the methods used in generating the future most powerful laser pulses are Optical Parametric Chirped Pulse Amplification(OPCPA) and using massive Neodynium-glass slabs to amplify the laser pulses. The laser is one of the most useful tools in the physicist’s repertoire, and some of the future experiments to be done at the ELI institution will be covered in the last part of the presentation.