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Studenterkollokvium, Jeff Normann Sejr: Headphones - How they function and how we improve them

Headphones – plug it, listen to it, feel it

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Torsdag 19. maj 2022,  kl. 14:15 - 15:00


Fys. Aud.

Vejleder: Aurelien Dantan

In an ever-changing world filled with chaos, loud industrial noises, and people yelling on the streets, it is always nice to put on your headphones just to escape and relax. This presentation tries to give the audience a general understanding of how headphones work. This talk will touch upon things such as how headphones work, transducers, magnetic circuits, interior of headphones, hearing, specifications of said headphones, how we improve audio quality and much more. The talk will firstly focus on understanding the general concepts of speakers. Secondly, we will talk about the interior of headphones. Thirdly, we will discuss a little bit about hearing before moving onto specifications rounding off with how we can improve upon the technology. After the talk it should be conceivable for the audience to distinguish between a good and bad pair of headphones, by understanding the different components and specifications that make great headphones great.