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Studenterkollokvium, Christoffer Debel Christensen: Kosmologiens historie

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Mandag 8. april 2024,  kl. 14:15 - 15:00


Fys. Aud.

Supervisor: Steen Hannestad

Have you ever wondered why the universe is, at it is? Why are we here? Where does it all begin? Is there a beginning? Why is there anything at all?

Questions such as these have concerned mankind since the dawn of time, and as our technical prowess increased, astronomers and philosophers have envisioned ever more colourful theories to explain the state of the world. Stars explode, galaxies merge, space inflates and ancient relic radiation permeates the ever-increasing universe! Join me, as I give a brief rundown of the history of cosmology, from the ancient Greeks, through the Scientific Revolution to the modern day picture of a huge expanding universe, where everything starts in the infamous Big Bang!