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SPM workshop

€50 (Lunch and coffee included)

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Søndag 26. august 2018,  kl. 10:00 - 16:00



SPM workshop

Sunday 26th August , 10:00-16:00, €50 (Lunch and coffee included)

The workshop is aimed for young scientist but also for experienced researchers interested in advances in SPM. The SPM tutorials will cover the following topics:

Atomic force microscopy (Prof. Jeppe Lauritsen)

- AFM basics

- non-contact AFM

- forces in AFM

- contrast interpretation in atom-resolved AFM

- Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy

- novel developments

Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy (Prof. Katharina Franke)

- theory of STM

- tunneling spectroscopy methods and experimental examples

- energy resolution in STS

- inelastic tunneling spectroscopy (vibrations and spin excitations)

- recent advances in tunneling spectroscopy

Quasiparticle interference (Prof. Carsten Busse)

- QPI basics

- experiment and data analysis

- selection rules (spin, pseudospin)

- suppression of scattering signal (layer polarization, destructive interference) 

How to measure magnetic properties of adsorbates on surfaces using STM (Prof. Katharina Franke)

- spin excitations

- Kondo effect

- Shiba states

Advanced STM techniques (Prof. Alexander Ako Khajetoorians)

-atomic manipulation

-spin-polarized STM (of atoms and thin metallic films)

-time-resolved STM applied to magnetic systems

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