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SAC Seminar - Walter Goetz: The Search for Organic Compounds on Mars by the ExoMars Rover 2020

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Fredag 5. maj 2017,  kl. 13:15 - 14:00



The ESA/Roskosmos ExoMars Rover (launch from Baikonur in July 2020, landing in March 2021) will be one of several spacecraft to be sent to Mars during the (12-days wide) 2020 launch window. The rover will use a wealth of different techniques to search for and characterize organic compounds on Mars. The most important instrument for these types of geochemical analyses is the‚ Mars Organic Molecule Analyzer‘ (MOMA). Currently MOMA Flight Hardware is produced & tested at a very intense rate in Germany, France, and US (Goddard Space Flight Center) in order to ensure delivery later this year and launch in 2020. In parallel terrestrial sediments of very different type and age are investigated in preparation of the mission.