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SAC Seminar - Reuse for Research: Preserving the stars for the future

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Torsdag 27. april 2017,  kl. 14:15 - 15:00



This seminar will be given by Anders S. Conrad and Michael Svendsen from the Royal Library, and SAC's Rasmus Handberg.


The KASOC database and web site has served for a number of years as data centre, storage, documentation, and access interfaces to data collected and produced by KASC and the associated researchers. We have worked together in a team consisting of KASC and Royal Danish Library staff on how to best preserve these valuable data, based on the Kepler/K2 mission, also in a situation where KASC/KASOC may no longer exist. The focus has been that these data must continue to be available to researchers for continued scientific use – in effect fulfilling the FAIR principles which are now being required by the EU Commission as part of the H2020 program. In this presentation we will show our proposed solution for preserving the KASOC data in a way that can accommodate their continued availability and value for science. The solution will be evaluated for its relevance to KASC, with a focus on lessons learned from the researcher perspective. Based on this case, we can have a discussion on how to best include data management practices in current and future projects (e.g. SONG, TESS, AUSAT, PLATO), becoming an integrated part of project processes - including your day-to-day research.