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SAC Seminar - Mikkel S. Lund: Asteroseismology, Cluster studies, and the IMF

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Fredag 29. marts 2019,  kl. 12:15 - 13:00



Dear all,


This Friday, Mikkel Salskov Lund will give a SAC Seminar.
Title: Asteroseismology, Cluster studies, and the IMF

Abstract: Asteroseismology allows for fundamental stellar properties, such as mass and age, to be precisely determined, while also allowing the internal stellar structure to be constrained to unprecedented levels. In this talk I will show how the asteroseismic analysis of solar-like oscillators observed by the Kepler/K2 and TESS missions is performed from an observer’s perspective, going from the reduction of the photometric data to the seismic parameter extraction. I will describe current efforts on applying asteroseismology to a sample of stellar clusters observed by Kepler and K2 to constrain the accuracy of the asteroseismic age-scale, and prospects for constraining the stellar Initial Mass Function (IMF).