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SAC Seminar - Eric Sandquist: Mass and Age from Star Clusters in Kepler and Beyond

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Tirsdag 22. oktober 2013,  kl. 15:15 - 16:00



Speaker: Eric Sandquist, Astronomy Department, San Diego State University, USA

Title: Mass and Age from Star Clusters in Kepler and Beyond

Location: 1520-516

Star clusters provide the environment for confrontations between different subfields in stellar astronomy, and some of the most important of these confrontations involve stellar masses. I will discuss our ongoing investigations of eclipsing binaries in several star clusters that have been targeted by Kepler, CoRoT, and ground-based studies in order to derive high-precision masses, radii, and ages. Unfortunately it is rare to have the "perfect" system where eclipsing binary results can be directly compared against asteroseismic and white dwarf analyses. So I will also discuss the need to incorporate a somewhat complicated set of prior knowledge to bridge the gap.