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SAC Seminar - Eddie Baron: Stellar Modeling with PHOENIX/1D and PHOENIX/3D

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Torsdag 15. november 2018,  kl. 14:00 - 15:00



Dear all,

Eddie Baron, who has been a visitor at IFA for a couple of months, has kindly accepted to give a talk during our seminars.
Title: Stellar Modeling with PHOENIX/1D and PHOENIX/3D

Abstract: PHOENIX is a generalized stellar atmospheres code including full NLTE that can and has been used on a wide variety of astrophysical objects. I present an overview of recent results obtained with PHOENIX/1D and preliminary results and plans for PHOENIX/3D.

I focus on recent results modeling the EUV/FUV spectrum of Trappist-1 and some results using PHOENIX/3D on stellar chromosphere models. I describe plans for using PHOENIX/3D on the Sun and other solar type stars.

All are welcome!