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SAC Seminar - Arthur Puls: Fluorine abundances in the Galactic disc

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Tirsdag 5. november 2019,  kl. 14:15 - 15:45



Abstract: The element Fluorine has several proposed sites of nucleosynthesis, and the major contributors are supposed to be: (1) stars of the Asymptotic Giant Branch, (2) Wolf-Rayet stars and (3) Type II Supernovae. Measurements of its stellar abundances and theoretical predictions in the context of the chemical evolution of the Galaxy have been carried out in the last three decades. However, the development of knowledge about Fluorine in the Galactic context has been delayed by some very particular observational issues, and the contributions from each of the proposed sites are not clear yet. In this talk I will present preliminary results from a chemical analysis using high quality near-infrared spectra from NIRSPEC@Keck (R=25,000, S/N > 150), aiming to add observational constraints to the models of Galactic chemical evolution. The analysis consists of measurements of Fluorine and other light elements in seven red giants from the outer Galactic disc and in five cool dwarfs from the Hyades open cluster. Finally, I will present an overview of the work (still in its early stages) that I am doing on the characterisation of a (supposed) chemically peculiar sample of red giants, which is being partially executed in the Stellar Astrophysics Centre.