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Quantum Optics Seminar - Karin Fisher: Coherent Control Laser System for the Quantum State Manipulation of Trapped Ions

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Tirsdag 3. december 2013,  kl. 10:15 - 11:00



Quantum Optics Seminar

'Coherent Control Laser System for the Quantum State Manipulation of Trapped Ions'

M.Sc. Karin Fisher

ETH, Zürich, Switzerland


 ETH Zurich's Trapped Ion Quantum Information group is working towards experiments with mixed-species ion chains in a 3D trap.  The two ions to be investigated are 40Ca+ and 9Be+.  This talk will discuss two contributions to the setup needed to realize this goal: first, the design for the water cooling and interlock system for the high current field coils, and second, the setup of the laser system at 729nm used for the coherent state manipulations of 40Ca+. 

The laser system consists of three independently frequency tunable beams, two for ion state control and one for the cancellation of the AC Stark shift, which are focused onto the ion. The linewidth of the laser is narrowed by using a high finesse cavity. A proposed scheme for fiber noise cancellation to further narrow the linewidth of the laser is also included. 

Lastly, preliminary measurements will be discussed, including Ca+ spectroscopy and the observation of Rabi oscillations.



Coffee and buns: 10:05