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Ny VIP ved IFA: Lektor Jan Arlt

Jan Arlt is with effect from 1 March, 2010, employed as Associate Professor in experimental quantum gas physics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Jan Arlt was born in 1973. He obtained his PhD based on experiments on Bose-Einstein condensation at the University of Oxford, after which he returned to the University of Hannover first as a postdoctoral research assistant and later as Junior Professor. Jan Arlt obtained his habilitation from the same University in 2007 with his work on “Interactions in ultracold quantum gases”.

Jan Arlt has worked with atomic quantum gases for more than 12 years. The main scientific topics of his research have been the investigation of phase properties of low dimensional Bose-Einstein condensates, the properties of spinor gases, disordered lattice gases and multi-component quantum gases.

The Department offers Jan a heartfelt welcome and we look forward to have a new colleague and teacher, and to see his research activities in the field of experimental quantum gas physics flourish here.

Jan’s office is in room 1522-426 and his phone number is 3671.