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Ny postdoc - Marius Sebastian Frank

Ny postdoc - Marius Sebastian Frank er startet i Nicola Lanata´s gruppe

Marius Sebastian Frank
Marius Sebastian Frank

Marius Frank har opnået sin bachelor, master og ph.d. fra Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Tyskland. Han har en bachelor i biokemi mens hans mastergrad er i fysisk/teoretisk kemi.


"My work has mostly dealt with developing and implementing local electron correlation methods for the computation of excitation energies within the framework of coupled cluster theory in combination with response theory. Hence, the motivation of my research has always been to extend the applicability of highly accurate computational methods to systems which are by far out of reach for canonical algorithms.

This motivation also led me to Aarhus to join Nicola Lanata's group: Here, we will develop a framework which combines quantum theory with machine learning to treat strongly correlated systems whose simulation would never be feasible with currently available methods."