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Ny postdoc Lina Liu, starter i Yong Chens gruppe

Den 1. juli, starter Lina Liu starts som postdoc i Yong Chens gruppe "Quantum Materials and Devices".

Privat foto: Lina Liu
Privat foto: Lina Liu


I’m Lina Liu and my research interests focus on surface science studies of 2D materials and quantum systems, including growth of 2D crystals, surface chemical and physical properties of topological materials and heterostructures.

I got my PhD degree of Chemistry from Tsinghua University in 2019 and then joined Prof. Yong Chen’s lab as a postdoctoral researcher at Purdue University.

Starting from Jul, 2022, I will join Prof. Yong Chen’s lab at Aarhus University to continue my postdoctoral research. I always like to talk to people and share ideas, from which I learn from people and keep my mind updated, which I believe is very important for a good researcher.

A warm welcome to Lina.