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Ny Postdoc - Kim-Khuong Huynh

On 15th April 2023, Kim-Khuong Huynh joined Yong Chens group as new postdoc

Privat foto: Kim-Khuong Huynh
Privat foto: Kim-Khuong Huynh

Hi, I am Kim-Khuong Huynh and my main interests now are growing single crystals of quantum materials and measuring their transport properties. My collaborators and I have synthesized a few interesting antiferromagnet Dirac semimetals and noncentrosymmetric conductors. Their intriguing electric and thermoelectric transport properties in high magnetic fields may tell us more about the fundamental relationship between symmetries and properties, a tale that has never gotten old.

I came from Vietnam, and I got my Doctor of Science in Physics from Tohoku University, Japan. I have been working as a researcher at Advanced Institute for Materials Research (AIMR), Tohoku University after graduation. Starting from this April, with Prof. Yong Chen’s lab and also Prof. Bo Iversen and his group at Aarhus University. Here, I will continue to make and measure intriguing single crystals.  Not only their transport

A warm welcome to Khuong!